She is clearly a never Trumper.  Anyone who has watched her over the past several weeks can’t come away with an impression other than she is either a Dem or a never Trumper.  Ever since Trump criticized her former boss, George Bush, and rightly so given that the Bush dynasty is part of the political swamp, she has gone out of her way to support anything that is anti-Trump.


Clearly the Dems and their fellow travelers in the MSM get together every day to agree on their phrase of the day.  Last week it was cherry picking in the Nunes Memo.  Monday, it was constitutional crisis if Trump removes Rosenstein.  Watch Laura Ingraham’s show for a montage of this nonsense.  Fortunately for them in their echo chamber no one asks what constitutional provision would that violate?  The answer is none.  It may cause a political crisis, but Trump has every constitutional right to fire this toad.

The important point here is that all Republicans or others who believe in the rule of law need to turn out this year to assure that the Republicans maintain the majority in the House.  If the Dems get control, they will impeach Trump regardless of whether or not they have any provable crimes or misdemeanors.  We cannot continue as a constitutional republic if the president is impeachable if he loses control of the House.  What do you think would have happened if the Republicans impeached Obama for lying about keeping your doctor and your plan or lying about the video causing Benghazi?

Just in case you don’t understand the process, impeachment by the House will not result in the removal of Trump.  It would take something like either two-thirds or three quarters of the Senate to actually remove him.  Never going to happen.


Just to get out early on this, the same Dems who ranted and raved about how releasing the  Nunes memo would lead to the complete and utter destruction of our national security, have now written a counter memo which the committee voted to release yesterday triggering the five day period for the President to review and declassify their memo, or redact national security info and release those parts that are releasable.

Guess who couldn’t wait and leaked their version to the NBC news.  I guess national security only applies to info exposing Dem corruption.  Now I could try to comment on the counter memo, but I haven’t seen it.  However, Andrew McCarthy at the National Review apparently has and wrote an excellent article today pointing out just how specious and incompetent this supposed rebuttal is.  Just look it up.  It’s entitled “Jerrold Nadler’s Leaked Response to the Nunes Memo is Very Week”.

I suggest you read it so that when the left starts spewing their nonsense about the Dems memo eviscerating the Nunes Memo you’ll know the truth.


Just watched Tucker with some Dem idiot and when the idiot said Carter Page being paid for giving speeches in Russia was tantamount to being a Russian agent and he didn’t respond with so that means Bill Clinton being paid 500K for a speech in Russia means he’s a Russian agent.  I appreciate that as a litigator I’m used to having to think on my feet, but this is just too obvious for anyone to have missed.


As I suspected, Schiff in continuing his assault on the truth would come out with a counter memo of half truths and outright lies.  You can tell Schiff is lying because his lips are moving.  Their big lie today is that the FISA court was made aware of the political nature of the Steele Dossier.  Bullshit! There was a FOOTNOTE!  It indicated that some info was from political sources.  It did not tell the court that the political source was Hillary Clinton, the person running against Trump.  It also didn’t tell the court that the dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary, and more importantly as we learned today, it did not tell the court that not only did Hillary pay for the dossier but that she also paid the folks who provided the false and salacious info to Steele.  The Dems are desperate.  Don’t let their lies prevail.

Also, there is a claim that the investigation started months earlier based on Papadopoulos drunken ravings.  While it’s true that Strzok opened an investigation months earlier, he did nothing and didn’t even interview Papadopoulos until after the FISA warrant.  Just another red herring!

Appoint a special prosecutor and put her in jail along with all the other Obama crooks.

BTW:  I have written many legal briefs and several published law review articles and no one reads the footnotes!


The first thing I want to point out is the ridiculous screeching from the left and their fellow travelers in the MSM about how release of the Memo would be a national security nightmare.  I challenge anybody to point out anything in the Memo that puts our national security at issue.  The only thing the Memo exposes is the unconstitutional actions of the Obama administration and the corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI, and puts these swamp dwellers at risk.  Comey ought to shut the hell up because he needs to be prosecuted and put in jail.

Now what did we really learn from the Memo?  Not as much as I would have hoped.  Almost all of it was things we knew or suspected.  The things we learned were that Comey and his suck ups lied by omission to FISA court to get the ability to surveil the Trump campaign.  They didn’t tell the judge that their supposed basis was bought and paid for by Hillary and unsubstantiated.  They didn’t tell the judge that Steele not only was paid by Clinton but was a died in the wool Trump hater dedicated to making sure he wasn’t elected and if he was that he was removed.  They didn’t tell the judge that Steele was fired by the FBI for violating there rules and they didn’t tell the judge that their use of Yahoo news to corroborate the fake news dossier was actually info fed to Yahoo by Steele.

As an aside, using Yahoo news to get a FISA warrant is even more ridiculous than using this blog to get one.

We also learned that there would never have a application for a FISA warrant absent the bogus Steele dossier.  McCabe testified under oath to that effect and when Wray saw the memo, McCabe was either fired or resigned protecting his pension.

Before I get to what needs to be done let me talk about the Dems counter memo by Schiff.  After throwing a hissy fit about the Memo revealing sources and methods, it has been reported that his memo in fact reveals sources and methods and thus needs to be redacted before it can be released.  Do it and release it.  The Dems have nothing!  Also release all the underlying documents and in particular all the affidavits presented to the FISA court to justify spying on Trump.

What needs to be done? Fire Rosenstein.  Appoint a special prosecutor to determine if crimes were committed in obtaining the FISA warrants and whether Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Rosenstein, Meuller, Lynch, Strzok, Page and Ohr committed crimes.  They did.

My disappointment in the Memo is that it only covered the FISA warrants and not the numerous other crimes committed by Obama, Clinton and their stooges,


Rosenstein needs to be fired.  Period.  Not only was he the US Attorney who covered up the Uranium One debacle along with his buddy, then the Director of the FBI, Robert Meuller, but he also approved the continuation of the illegal FISA warrant on the Trump campaign.

What really got my attention yesterday however was the fact that I didn’t know before that Rosenstein was the one who brought Meuller to Trump to interview for the FBI position and then THE NEXT DAY after Trump turned him down appointed Meuller Special Counsel to investigate the guy who had just turned Meuller down.  And as I have indicated previously, he violated DOJ rules and essentially gave Meuller carte blanche to dig into anything against Trump.  This is not something that came out in the memo, but it came out during one of the evening shows, I believe from Sebastian Gorka, and I looked it up and even CNN confirms it’s true.

Sessions needs to grow a pair and get rid of this toad!

UPDATE:  Saw today that Rod threatened to subpoena the texts and emails of members of the Intelligence Committee if they continued to press for documents from the DOJ.  This is the definition of abuse of power and a crime!


This is the first of three rants I plan to post on the memo.  McCain’s response was bizarre.  I’d like to chalk it up to senility or brain cancer, but the reality is that’s it’s vintage McCain.  Let me translate it for you.  According to this swamp creature, we need a secret police or KGB or Gestapo to protect the political class and swamp dwellers from US citizens.  We have to be able to spy on you to protect our privilege and you need to give up your rights to protect us, and to question this is tantamount to treason.  The sooner this idiot goes away the better and safer we’ll all be.


I was sitting in my car on the way to Harris Teeter and stuck on 42 because of the construction and ended up listening to Limbaugh –  not something I normally do.  In his ranting about the “memo” he got into a screed about Trump allegedly asking Rosenstein whether he was his guy.  I have seen this reported elsewhere.  However, this is where Rush blew it.  He said that the left was up in arms because DOJ is supposed to be neutral and non political and while true it was understandable that Trump would think otherwise since Obama had clearly politicized DOJ.

Now I have ranted about this before, and to be fair Rush is not an attorney.  I was pretty sure but looked it up to be sure.  Then I looked at the US Constitution to make sure I didn’t sleep through something in my Con Law class, and sure enough neither the Attorney General  nor the DOJ are mentioned in the Constitution.  All executive branch functions are solely the purview of the President.  Thus, the Attorney General is the President’s guy!  Moreover, I can tell you from personal knowledge that all Attorneys General are political and are put in to carry out the President’s agenda — not to be some independent arbiter.  Do you really think that JFK appointed RFK to be independent?

Rush, while I generally agree with you, you need to consult with an attorney before you start spouting off about stuff of which you are ignorant!

BTW for all of you may not know or are too young, the FBI has always been extremely political at the top.  Remember that J. Edgar Hoover, transvestite supreme, kept his position and power for years by using his folks to dig up dirt on politicians to blackmail them to keep him in power.