I love Stormy!  Not because of who she is or what she does or did for a living, but because maybe we can now get over the fiction that somehow elected officials are supposed to be sexually moral icons.  They all have to feign outrage at every hinted sex scandal when you and I know that the vast majority of them are guilty in their private lives.

She is putting Trump in a similar position to that started by Bill Clinton, although he didn’t “inhale”, and finally put to rest by Obama that anyone who smoked marijuana is unqualified for office. Likewise with Trump we are finally getting to the position that who you have consensual sex with, kinky or otherwise, shouldn’t determine your qualifications for office.  What I’m interested in is what you’re going to do or are doing for me and the country and not who you are doing.  We all know what we got when we elected Trump and it wasn’t a choirboy because we’ve had enough hypocrites.


Just a quickie to say I told you so.  Over the past few days I have seen several news articles which suddenly happened on what I said just after the Parkland shootings, namely that school shootings are an extremely minuscule issue.  Yes, it’s terrible if you were personally affected, but that’s much less likely than you knowing someone killed by lightning.  I guess I’m not as big an asshole as I thought, just a lot quicker than most of the supposed geniuses.

As for David Hogg, enjoy your incompetent 15 minutes of sock puppet fame.  Anyone remember the name of the Georgetown birth control poster queen who was attending that very expensive school but couldn’t afford condoms?  I didn’t think so.


Sessions fired this troll for lying under oath and the DMSM are hyping the fact that McCabe immediately turned over to Mueller notes he fabricated after meetings with Trump.  As I noted previously CYA notes have zero evidentiary value.  Ask yourself what value would you apply to notes from someone fired for lying under oath?  Moreover, McCabe also turned over to Mueller notes he allegedly wrote about his conversations about Trump’s interactions with Comey at which he was not present.    Just what  Comey fabricated.

Comey is a totally unbelievable liar.  We know he provided classified info to a friend without security clearance to get his buddy Mueller appointed to conduct an unrestricted witch hunt against Trump. The most amazing thing to me is that Comey is going on a book tour to lecture us about ethical management,  Really, the guy who wrote a memo exonerating before her Hillary and her friends were even interviewed can lecture us about ethics?  Comey and McCabe both need to go to prison!


I don’t know exactly how retirement works for political appointees, but if I remember correctly for the rest of the federal civil service, if your last scheduled workday is Friday and you reach retirement age on Sunday when you complete your workday on Friday that’s it.  You get your retirement no matter what happens after that.  So I’m not sure that McCabe isn’t already safe.  Maybe because of his position he’s on duty every day and he can still loose it.  It should never have been a last minute decision, if Sessions has the balls to make one.  Remember, he already let the statute of limitations expire on lying James Clapper.


As I write this it’s not clear who won in Pennsylvania.  Last I saw the Dem led the Rep by 650 or so votes with 3500 absentee ballots yet to be counted.  However, that’s not the point of this rant. The point of this rant is that the Dems and the MSM, hereinafter refered to as the DMSM since they’re indistinguishable, are making this race as some referendum on Trump. All this race shows, just like the Roy Moore race showed, is that if Republicans run candidates that are lousy they will loose.  The guy in Pennsylvania was an even worse campaigner than Hillary, if that’s even possible.

Republicans need to wake up and not make the same mistake they did in the Tea Party days and put up some lousy candidates like the witch or Wiccan in Delaware as I recall.  Don’t assume any seat is safe and make sure whoever you put up has more charisma than a rock!


The snowflake students who skipped school today allegedly because they are scared to go to school are just pawns of their socialist teachers and looking for a way to skip school instead of doing what they are supposed to do and go to school and learn something.  (Thought— maybe it’s better that they skip school than face the socialist indoctrination that passes for education today.)

Back to my earlier rant, in the last five years 26 students have been killed in mass school shootings, that’s approximately five kids out of 70+ million in schools and universities.  This is a so minuscule that it can’t be the basis for national policy.  I went back and as far as I can tell there has never been a mass school shooting in North Carolina much less Clayton, so why are these snowflakes scared.  They’re not!  This is just unadulterated nonsense.

I was watching Tucker and other shows today and none of them questioned the BS that these students saw their friends die and so they have legitimate concerns.  NO THEY DID NOT !!  Very, very, very few of them did.

And lastly let’s  it not forget that it’s beyond debate that the Parkland shootings were the fault of the FBI and local law enforcement not doing their jobs, particularly local law enforcement because they were implementing Obama/Holder policy not to suspend or disipline or arrest minorities in school in order to bring racial equality in school misconduct.  The shooter was well known to both the FBI and local authorities and they did nothing!!  Guns are not the issue.

Very little coverage was paid to a incident also down in the same part of Florida involving a Muslim kid who stabbed three people, killing one of them after watching violent jihadi videos and reading the Koran for strength because one of them said they thought of some celebrities as gods.  Should we ban knives?


It was announced last night that Trump has agreed to meet with little rocket man, and that they are willing to denuclearize.  Maybe.  But the point is that Trump’s unpredictability and threatening rhetoric along with the MSM’s portrait of him as unhinged has had a positive effect.  No more announcing what we’re doing in advance or taking options off the table like Obama’s we won’t use nukes first.

When the news first broke even the MSM praised this unprecedented news, with at least one pundit indicating that if Trump pulled it off he would have to be considered one of our great presidents.  Then the talking points went out and all of the sudden everyone was saying Trump doesn’t know anything or read anything and is just being used as a stooge by little rocket man. Really, does anyone seriously believe that little rocket man is Trump’s intellectual superior or a better negotiator than the Donald?  Get real!  Where were these idiots when Obama was played by Iran into an agreement guaranteeing they get nukes in ten years and then slipping them $150 billion in unmarked bills like a drug deal.

Another talking point was that Trump was giving lrm legitimacy on the world stage.  Where we these idiots when Obama partied with the Castro’s, giving them legitimacy during the attack on Brussels?  Pushing their leftist/socialist agenda of course.  One thing I continue to fail  to understand is why the MSM is so enamored with socialism.  Don’t they realize that the first thing to disappear in a socialist country is freedom of the press?   It’s as stupid as Linda Sarsour, a proponent of sharia law,  being considered an icon of women’s rights.  Just plain stupid!  And if sharia law is so great for women, why doesn’t she get her dumb ass back to a country where it’s actually the law?  Because she’d have to shut her ignorant mouth or die!


People wonder why we have a deficit.  Well here’s a great reason.  Today, Governor Rick Scott of Florida said he was going to spend $500 million to harden Florida schools.  Now I am sure to cement my position as an asshole with this rant, but let’s look at reality.  The Parkland school shooting was according to the WAPO article I cited earlier was the only  mass school shooting in Florida since Columbine —a period of 19 years.  And I don’t recall any before that but maybe there was one.  Thus that equates to less than one per year.  Why in the hell would anyone rationally propose to spend $500 million to prevent the unpreventable.  People you can harden schools,  but that will still be ineffective if someone really wants to kill students.  They could easily set up outside a high school football game and as is the case locally go across the street and fire into the bleachers or wait until the game was over and shoot at students when they all left together.

Is that the most effective way to spend your tax dollars?  I don’t think so.  This is just politicians spending your money to garner votes without any real effect on outcomes!  Remember that after the Pulse nightclub shooting, which was much more deadly, I don’t recall the governor saying he was willing to spend that amount to protect gays.


The first thing I want to point out is that Schiff never wanted his bogus memo released.  As I have said before and as Nunes pointed out, Schiff intentionally put information  in his memo exposing sources and methods to make sure it couldn’t be released with the hope that it wouldn’t be released so he could continue his lies about the political actions of the FBI and DOJ.

Now I was going to rant after it came out but wanted to wait until Andrew McCarthy commented.  Nunes issued a point by point rebuttal and Byron York of the Washington Examiner had a very persuasive article but I still wanted to wait until McCarthy commented.  Why you ask?  Because McCarthy has actually been involved with FISA warrants.  He is a former DOJ attorney that knows what he is talking about.  He writes for the National Review,  a publication that is basically part of the never Trump debacle.  And while his legal insights are always on point, he has always been skeptical about people saying that DOJ and the FBI were political.  However. Recently, I think after the Nunes memo and the Strzok and Page emails were released, he has said that these agencies were politically compromised at the highest level.

I suggest that any of you who are interested in the veracity of the Schiff memo read his article.  It makes clear that the FBI intentionality lied to the FISA court to obtain a warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.  Just google it and read it.  All your questions will be answered.

P.S.  I forgot to mention something important.  We know the Schiff memo is unimportant because the MSM isn’t trumpeting it.  Sure WAPO and the NYT put out obligatory editorial nonsense, but they did such a poor job that it’s clear they don’t think it’s of any political use.  And few other media groups are covering it at all.


Before you read this it may help if you go back and reread my rant from 9/21/2015 on the Obama administration and their misuse of disparate impact to push their political objectives.

Now what I learned today is that Obama and Holder made grants available to governmental entities who changed requirements for reporting actions of minorities resulting in suspensions from school and/or criminal activity by minorities to achieve racial equality in crimes.  I warned you that that is what they were up to.  The county in which Parkland sits,  Brevard or Broward I don’t recall which, reduced numerical inequality by changing what they considered for suspensions or crimes but didn’t actually change what was really happening.  Thus the police were basically trained to ignore minority crimes to try to fit the disparate impact nonsense.  It is quite likely why they ignored all the warning signs on the shooter because they didn’t want to get involved and why they preferred to hide behind their cars rather than help stop the killing going on inside that school.

There are also some 18 states I believe that don’t report information to national databases used to determine who can purchase a gun.  My point is that enhanced background checks are inherently going to fail.  When you have the mayor of Oakland alerting illegals that ICE was coming, how good do you think the info from California is going to be?