As you may remember in my first post I indicated that one reason I was initiating my blog is that frequently the media doesn’t pick up on obvious inconsistencies in what people say and due to my training and experience and just recall I pick up on things other don’t.  Today was a great example.  Comey said he went to the NYT through an intermediary with his self serving memo because Trump tweeted that there might be tapes of the conversation.  Trumo’s attorney stated that the NYT reported on the contents of the Comey memo the day before the Trump tweet.  So far I have seen no one on Fox or otherwise bring up this obvious contradiction which would amount to perjury by Comey if true.  Wake up people.


Senator Mark Warner (D) Virginia, the head Democrat on the committee delving into the Comey nonsense today is the ultimate hypocrite.   He said what we really have to be concerned about is Russian interference in the election.  This despite there being zero evidence that it had any impact on the election.  Given that it was proven that at least 7000 illegals are registered to vote in Virginia, a fact that was only established after several lawsuits forced Virginia to provide what should be public records.  The 7000 were found because a comparison was made between voter rolls and drivers license rolls and 7000 registered voters indicated on their drivers license applications that they are not US citizens.  There are potentially several thousand more who lied on both applications so there could easily be more than 10,000 illegals registered in his swing state.  Virginia elections are frequently decided by a few hundred votes, yet this hypocrite is worried about the Russians.  Could it be because illegals vote for Democrats?  Keep up the faux outrage hypocrite!

P.S.  I just checked and Hillary beat Trump by just over 2000 votes!  Sorry, I looked again and it was 200K.  My bad.


All right, we’re in the middle of the Comey testimony and I haven’t watched much of it.  However, I will make a couple of observations.  First and foremost, I am sick and tired of listening to both lawyers, including Comey, and non lawyer politicians, pretending that Comey’s self serving memo to himself has any validity whatsoever!  They, including Comey, are suggesting that because it was allegedly written shortly after his conversation with Trump it somehow makes it important in a legal sense.  This is pure nonsense, highlighted by the fact that he has testified that he didn’t write memos to self on any routine basis.  Not on conversations with Bush, Obama or Lynch.  He can certainly testify about his conversation with Trump, but his later “documentation” is nothing but self serving hearsay, period!  It has no evidentiary value.  He could have made up everything in it if he wanted.

The other observation I would make is that Kamala Harris, the present senator from California and former Attorney General of California is a force to be reckoned with.  She is being touted as the next Obama and possible presidential candidate in 2020.  She just asked Comey a series of questions (read that as a series of inflammatory accusations about Trump) knowing that Comey couldn’t respond either for national security reasons or because of Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Russian nonsense which the MSM will no doubt find a way to make into sound bites to suggest something nefarious about Trump.

Bottom line, from what little I have seen, at the end of the day Trump will be vindicated and the MSM and DEMS will pretend they finally have the smoking gun.  NONSENSE!  As reiterated by Alan Dershowitz yesterday on I think MSNBC, much to their chagrin, the President cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice.  All executive power under the Constitution is vested solely in the President.  The DOJ and the FBI work for him.  He can tell the Director of the FBI what to investigate and what not to investigate.  He could preemptively pardon Flynn and put an end to the investigation.  There is no such thing as independence in the Executive Branch.  End of story.


Thought I’d write this before Trump formally announces his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.  First, all you need to know about the nonsense that is this non-agreement agreement is that the Chinese are strongly pushing it and trying to get Trump to stay in.  Gee, I wonder why the world’s biggest polluter would want the US to comply with a faux agreement that let’s China not only continue to pollute, but also increase it’s pollution until 2030 at which point they could set a goal or in reality they will most likely pull out of Paris.  In the meantime we would have to cut CO2 output, pay billions of dollars into a UN slush fund that would undoubtedly end up in the pockets of dictators etc., without doing anything to stop the scourge of nonexistent global warming (sounds a lot like a Clinton fund),and double or triple our energy costs leading to the loss of more jobs to China and others.

Just in case you don’t know, there are several actual scientific research papers out which demonstrate unequivocally that recent increases in CO2 have resulted in the planet being much greener and big increases in food production.

You know that the whole scam will go down the toilet if Trump pulls out.  The EU is not going to pony up the $100 billion slush fund envisioned by the agreement.  And third world countries are not going to stay in without the hush money envisioned by the agreement.  And I believe that recipients of this money include China.  You also know that Germany and other EU countries are not going to continue to handicap their factories with extremely expensive and totally unreliable green energy if this country doesn’t.

Now, my real concern is that Trump will decide on some phased withdrawal that could cause legal problems here.  There is much talk about there being a four year period before we can fully withdraw.  This poison pill was specifically put in by Obummer to make it harder to cancel his legacy.  Trump and his advisers need to say — bullshit!  The agreement is not binding on this country.  Obama would have had to take it through the Senate and got 67 Senators to approve for it to be a binding treaty under the constitution.  Absent that, it’s only binding on Obama since he signed it.  Kerry has admitted there was no way in hell it would have been approved as a treaty.

The importance to me on this issue is that if Trump doesn’t get out totally, you can bet that environmental groups will find some socialist judge to declare that the EPA can’t roll back Obama’s clean energy regs because they are required somehow by the Paris Agreement.  Since all commitments under that agreement are non binding and unenforceable goals, it would seem unlikely that a court could decide otherwise.  However, several leftist judges had no problem creating decisions out of thin air on Trump’s immigration orders, and you can bet they’d do it again on global warming.

Here’s hoping that the President bites the bullet and doesn’t try to placate the leftists in his administration like Ivanka and Jared and Rex.  Put a stake through its heart now!!


While the MSM and Dems and Never Trumper’s spin a narrative that Trump was a bull in a china shop in Europe, the reality is that he did exactly what was long overdue and told them the free ride was over and they didn’t like it.  No duh!!  Merkel confirmed it by stating that Europe might actually have to defend itself.  Trump wins and screw the MSM.

Trump also scored big by calling Europe’s bluff on climate change.  They pressured him relentlessly because they know it’s a hoax to promote their socialism worldwide.  Trump’s refusal to capitulate put them in a really bad spot.  They’re not idiots and know the Paris “agreement ” puts them at a big disadvantage with anyone not stupid enough to double or triple their energy costs to chase a phantom menace.  Trump called their bluff and they understand that this country with cheap and abundant fossil fuel energy will blow them out of the water economically.  Not to mention the fact that they will have to pay massive amounts into a UN fund to keep third world countries from actually improving by building fossil fuel plants to lift their people from poverty

And to top it off, he called out MERKEL and Germany for cheating on trade.  He made it clear that the US isn’t going to be a patsy anymore.  You screw with us on trade and we will retaliate and you will lose.

I for one am glad to see after eight years of apologizing and appeasement that we have a president who is for this country first and foremost.

Now, please pull out of the Paris agreement and let them all spin in the wind!!


This movie about Watergate has been playing frequently on movie channels recently.  It’s an obvious attempt by leftist Hollywood to equate the nonsense about nonexistent Russia/Trump “collusion ” with actual criminal activity.  Now the reason I’m ranting about this really has nothing to do with the fake news concerning the Russia nonsense.  There is no there there.  First, even if Trump and Putin colluded to win the election, that’s not a crime!  Trump and Hillary were free to form any allegiances they wanted to help achieve victory.  Neither could aid or abet criminal activity, like assisting in hacking the DNC.  However, there is zero evidence that that happened.  Given that there is no crime alleged, Mueller should have never been appointed.  WTF crime is he supposedly investigating?  And even Alan Dershowitz, hardly a Trump supporter, has made this same point.

Now the real reason for this rant.  I watched the movie on a day I was bored and was struck by how far we have come from then.  I was in law school at the time and watched most of the hearings and even purchased the Oval Office transcripts which I have around here somewhere.  What really struck me from watching the movie was the amazing difference between them and now in terms of what was required to investigate a story.  There was no internet so when trying to find a person whose name they got, they were looking at phone books to try to find them.  There were no cellphones and so they had to find pay phones to make calls, and there were no personal computers so they had to type stories on actual typewriters.

The other thing that struck me was that back then the Washington Post was still an actual newspaper.  Ben Bradlee refused to publish crap that couldn’t be verified.  None of the anonymous sources bullshit that makes the front page now!


I don’t know how many of you saw last week where Bob, the big gasbag, Beckel was fired by Fox for making a racist comment.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.  What I found to be most interesting is the reason that Bob got canned.  A black IT worker came into his office to service his computer and Beckel said that he, Beckel, had to leave because the worker was black.  How ironic that the man whose only claim to fame was that he and his father marched in the early civil rights marches in the sixties.  Who would have ever thought he had a problem with black workers.


First, I haven’t been ranting recently because the fake news has been so predictable and insane that it doesn’t deserve response.  Maybe Trump provided some Intel to Russia, but it’s his prerogative to do so, and I don’t recall the outrage when Obama did the same thing last year.  It was the leakers and the media that identified the Israelis as the source.

The obstruction of justice nonsense is equally lame.  Just meaningless drivel being fomented by partisan hacks — most of which have no clue what they are talking about.  Where was this outrage when Obama publicly said Hillary was innocent because she didn’t intend to harm national security and the whole investigation was unnecessary because there was nothing to see.  (Interestingly, a month or so after Obama said she didn’t intend to break the law, Comey parroted Obama.  However, a month after Comey met with Trump, Comey said the investigation was full steam ahead.  So you tell me who obstructed justice.)

On the Russian front, there is still absolutely no evidence of any collusion between team Trump and Russia to rig the election.  Furthermore, Trump is not the subject of a criminal investigation!

The result is that the left is so apoplectic that they can’t make any case for impeachment that they are trying to push the insane idea that Trump should be removed under the 25th Amendment for being insane.  Takes one to know one I guess, but Trump Derangement Syndrome has clearly unhinged everyone on the left along with idiots like McCain.

Now, the reason for this rant.  I believe Trump knew of Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel, and silently approved because he knows there is nothing to be found during the investigation.  He thinks that Mueller is a straight shooter and is counting on him to do a thorough job and wrap it up in a matter of months not years.  This will do away with the daily Russian obsession and allow him to get back to the things he was elected to do.  One of the first things he needs to do is to fire all of the Obama political appointees still residing in political positions.  He also needs a real experienced government expert to get busy finding people for Trump to appoint to fill the thousands of positions at issue.  Kushner, Bannon and Preibus are fine maybe as idea people, but government staffing experts they are not.

This is a problem that always trips up outsiders.  They have no clue on the breadth and depth of the staffing requirements they need to fill, and the longer it takes for them to grasp this and fire folks from the previous administration and replace them with their own people, the longer Obama folks can undermine his agenda.

Now, this morning I saw an article indicating that emails have surfaced between Clinton campaign officials and/or DNC officials and DOJ officials concerning the email investigation.  And this afternoon, I saw Lindsey Graham saying he became aware of the existence of these emails and as head of the Judiciary Committee he intended to investigate the possibility of Clinton and/or the DNC interfering in the investigation.  The beauty of this is that it effectively reopens the Clinton investigation and wouldn’t it be lovely if it provided the basis for DOJ to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the whole Hillary debacle.  How could Dems complain? A Special Counsel investigation into both candidates could hardly be called partisan.  Dems will explode with outrage, but it will be a wasted effort and Hillary might finally end up in jail where I’m sure all the minority inmates will welcome her with open arms because of all she has done for them.  Lest you forget, Hillary is guilty and Trump is innocent.



I apologize for not ranting more recently.  However, all the nonsense surrounding Comey’s firing was so predictable that I could easily have written all the left’s headlines and bogus talking points before his firing.  Hopefully I will get inspired to rant about something else soon.


As you undoubtedly know, I am no fan of Comey.  However, Comey did not say that Huma forwarded hundred of thousands of emails to the Weiner.  He said that she forwarded hundreds AND thousands of emails to the Weiner.  Also, I saw that one of the idiots in the FBI said there were no emails from Huma to Weiner that were “marked” classified.  Where have we heard this BS before?  Yeah from camp Hillary.