I am now certain that I was correct that the folks at the Weather Channel root for land falling hurricanes in the US so they can be on camera for no reason other than to appear important.  There is absolutely no reason for these idiots to stand outside on camera in the middle of a hurricane.  It would give me great perverse pleasure of to see Mike Bettis, the idiot outside in over 120mph winds, in Naples, blown ass over tea kettle down the street and into the Gulf.

The guy I appreciate was the smart guy who they went to in Marco Island and he said no he wasn’t there.  He was in his vehicle on the way to Orlando.  He had set up a remote camera and was describing what was going on in Marco in safety.  They should do that everywhere in the path to provide us information without risking themselves.  They are doing the opposite to get as much tv face time as possible for their egos.  Absolutely no reason for that idiot to be standing out in wind.  BLOW HIS ASS OVER!


It occurred to me while watching coverage of Hurricane Irma how selfish or self centered we are as human beings — at least I hope it’s most of us and not just me.  I have been watching the potential track of the storm and am concerned about potential effects in the Tampa area, where my brother and sister live, and also in Daytona where I have timeshares.  And most importantly, I am concerned about possible effects here in Clayton.  As the track has turned so that it now appears that this area will be spared, I have been greatly relieved.  But then it occurred to me that what I am happy about means that Jacksonville, Savannah,  and Charleston will be devastated.  And much as I would like to pretend otherwise, I prefer that to devastation here.  I guess self preservation really is a basic part of human nature.


I have flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program.  Now, to be perfectly honest, I got it because when I took out a second mortgage the lender required it because they use flood plain maps that are old and out of date.  My first mortgage doesn’t require it because they use the company that has updated information.  As a result I have flood insurance at the rate for people outside the 100 year flood plain.

Just as a side point and for information purposes, I was co-author of a law review article, many moons ago, on the NFIP, so I have considerable knowledge about the program.  The NFIP was set up essentially to force people living in the 100 year flood plain to purchase insurance or be SOL if they were flooded.  It was designed to force people to pay against the potential damage they faced instead of expecting the government to pay for their choice to live in a flood plain.

Now, I’m sure a lot of people are going to consider me a hard ass, but I’m pretty sure that most of Houston is in the 100 year flood plain ( I would hazard a guess that most of it is in the 25 year flood plain given that it seems to have this problem every 10 to 15 years and not just from hurricanes) and only 20% of the folks have flood insurance.  Now I don’t know how all these people have mortgages that don’t require flood insurance but in my book that’s their bad luck along with their mortgage lenders.

I know Trump and Congress don’t have the balls, but relief funds should only be used to rebuild infrastructure and the like.  If you played Russian roulette and lost, you lost!  The NFIP will never be viable as long as the government bails out everyone who refuses to insure.  It’s analogous to banks being to big to fail.  As long as the federal government continues to bail out people who bet and lose, disasters will always tax the treasury.


Trump did the right thing in forcing the political class to do its job and legislate the laws that govern immigration into this country.  Obama way overstepped his authority, as he stated several times.  I personally hope that Congress comes up with legislation that allows children brought to this country illegally as pre-teens a way to stay legally but not a path to citizenship.  I don’t think anyone coming here illegally at sixteen is innocent.

Importantly,  Congess needs to end chain immigration.  DACA was Obama’s camel nose under the tent move.  Once these former kids become legal, chain immigration allows for their parents and relatives to become legal.  This is sort of the anchor baby version for older kids.

Fix the system and build the wall, whether structurally, electronically or some combination, and then follow the freaking law!!


Maybe it’s just me, but it appears to me that the Weather Channel is intentionally hyping Irma for ratings.  They continually refer to Irma in hyperbolic terms as strongest ever, which they usually admit isn’t true later on.  Maybe they will ultimately be right, but not yet.  They also seem to continuously to try to emphasize the widest possible cone to increase viewership.

Now I’m sure they will say their just trying to get everyone prepared, a noble endeavor, but from watching a lot of their coverage because it potentially affects my siblings in Florida, it seems to me that there is an underlying hope that Irma hits somewhere in the US so they can have a 24/7 ratings boost.  Consider if Irma makes a sharp right turn and misses us completely, they will go back to being a minor player in the day to day news cycle.

NO WAIT!  Jose will suddenly become likely to be the most devastating hurricane in history.    It’s a shame that even a useful conveyor of actual data has become addicted to ratings and pressing the bs of global warming.  In case you didn’t know one of the founders of the weather channel had openly said that anthropogenic global warming is a myth.

This is not to say you shouldn’t watch or be concerned about Irma.  You should!  But when you watch, pay attention to the facts not the hype.


Saw an excellent article in the National Review today, I forget the author, but among other things, he points out that Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson were all Democrats.  Additionally, the Democrats filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Someone please confront Pelosi and Schumer et al on their racist roots and watch them squirm!  I am sick and tired of them getting a free pass on the racist roots of their party.

P.S.  Sam, if you read this and the opportunity presents itself this year, confront your teacher and ask her to explain!


Listen, I personally like Tucker Carlson, but he needs to stop being a wuss and call out his guests for their obvious covering up of the racist roots of the Democratic Party.  He just had on a black professor from the University of Maryland who was pontificating about the statue issue.  Why didn’t Tucker ask him if he taught his students that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow and the KKK? Quit giving them a pass.  I guarantee that our young folks have no idea.  Tucker, please stop being a coward and call these idiots out.


I just watched several Tucker episodes because I record them as I usually have some sporting or other program more interesting at eight o’clock.  I was encouraged by last Friday’s show when he had Mark Steyn on, and Steyn went on a rant about the Democrats being the party of slavery and Robert Byrd, a Democratic icon in spite of being a former Grand Cylops or something of the KKK.  At one point in his 30’s, not as some ignorant teen, he said in effect that we need to eradicate the black scum infecting our country!  Bill Clinton gave his eulogy and said, wink, wink, people say things to get elected.

Tucker acknowledged that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery and historically THE racist party.  I said finally he gets it and would call out Democrats for their racist legacy in future programs.  WRONG! Tonight he had on another black pundit spewing the nonsense that Trump and Republicans are the party of black racists.  Tucker once again gave him and the Democrats a pass.  Tucker, grow a pair and call out these ignorant people, not just when the guest says so, but more importantly when the guest puts forth the false narrative about Democrats!


There was an excellent article in Polizette, Laura Ingrams website.  I forget the author but just go to the site or to her broader site, Lifezette, and it will be easy to find.  It deals with the subject of the progressive destruction of our education system — a subject near and dear to my heart as any of you who have followed me know.  Please read it.  You will learn unsurprisingly that Islam is being taught to our kids as wonderful.  You will also see that when an individual, I forget who they were working with, asked Millennials who won the Civil War, most didn’t even know who was in the Civil War.  It’s clearly time to take back education.  Kids need to learn American and World history.  When I went to high school, we were required to take US history, World history and American Government.  Most of today’s kids have absolutely no idea of how our government came to be or how it works.