All right, I’ve said this before but with Mueller empaneling a grand jury, it’s time for Trump to start the counteroffensive.  First, he needs to get Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton emails, the pay to play involving Hillary as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation– particularly given the recent revelations by Judicial Watch about emails from Huma — the illegal unmasking of Trump associates by Obama lackeys Rice, Powers and Rhodes, the obstruction of justice by Comey, Bill Clinton and Lynch, and Comey’s illegal leaks of government documents which may have contained classified information.

The special prosecutor should also look at Comey’s relationship with Mueller and any and all contacts between them concerning Trump.  To make it even more dangerous for the Dems, the SP should be specifically tasked to investigate the failure of the DOJ to empanel a grand jury for the Clinton email criminality; the unnecessary granting of immunity to close Clinton associates engaged in criminal activity regarding both the emails and the Clinton slush fund; and Comey’s agreement to destroy evidence as part of those bogus immunity deals.  Let’s not forget that had DOJ empaneled a grand jury, they could have subpoenaed the laptops etc., and then maintained them for future use in a criminal prosecution.  Also make it clear that Obama’s illegal forwarding and receipt of classified information to and from Hillary’s illegal server is up for investigation.  Also the SP should look at collusion between Clinton and the Ukraine.

Lastly, Trump needs to have Rosenstein confine Mueller to the time period between Trump’s announcement that he was running for president and the vote last November.  That is the limit if you’re seriously looking at collusion with Russia.  If Rosenstein won’t do it, remove him and replace him with someone who will.

I know the MSM will go batshit crazy but screw them.  Either we have a country of laws or a banana republic.  How can they seriously complain about a legitimate, independent investigation of Hillary’s criminal activity!