Today on the FN Specialists during a segment on an agreement between ICE and Texas which allows Texas law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they arrest and if they’re here illegally hold them for ICE.  EKW said that might be good in Texas but won’t work in CA or NY.  Her answer was to greatly increase the size of ICE and she gave two reasons for her position, neither of which made any real sense, and no one called her on it.

First, she said that illegal immigration was a federal issue and not a local one.  While that may be correct from a legal viewpoint, it’s a non-answer answer.  ICE is not going to be arresting people for violations of state and local laws.  Therefore, if local law enforcement isn’t going to check immigration status, you can have as many ICE employees as you want and it won’t have any affect on the problem.

Second, and this is the part that was really offensive and at least should have been responded to by Bolling, EKW said Trump ran on job creation and so he should accomplish that by adding more ICE  employees.  Really!!  If increasing the size of the government is viewed as great job creation, then Obama did an outstanding job.  That’s not the job creation Trump ran on or we want.  We got into the swamp with exactly this kind of stupid thinking.  You can’t drain the swamp by growing it!