Recently, after Democratic Senator McCain once again demonstrated his true colors, media and attention whore, by going back on all his campaign pledges and public statements and defeating Obamacare repeal attempts, Trump put forth a few options, 2 of which are in his control, to sink what’s left of Obama’s signature debacle.

First he can withhold insurance company bailout payments which have been found to be unconstitutional and that would pretty well sink Obamacare.  In doing so he should direct Sessions to withdraw the Obama administration appeal of that decision, thereby ending the case.

Second he should direct OPM to stop subsidizing Congress and Congressional staff for much of their Obamacare premiums.  Remember, in a grandstanding move, the Dems removed the legislative branch from normal coverage under federal employee plans like I have and forced them to walk the walk in the exchanges.  Sounded good to start with but of course, once the law was passed, Obama through his OPM bailed them out by picking up most of the tab.  This was strictly an executive decision and can be reversed by Trump.  Do it and let’s see how wonderful the Dems and their fellow travelers think Obamacare really is.  Let McCain have to pay an additional $20K/yr and probably end up owing $30K or more after his surgeries — or maybe he could go to the VA for the wonderful care he’s assured that our vets get.  Without special preference, which you know he’d get, he’d die before he got to see a doctor.

The beauty of the the above is that it would force the hypocrites, on both sides of the aisle, to act or suffer the consequences personally.

The other thing he wants is an end to the filibuster in the Senate.  You know I’ve been advocating that for sometime, but he made the great point that there is no doubt that should the Dems regain control of the Senate they would immediately abolish the filibuster.  Thus the Republicans are only hurting themselves with the delusional idea that it would help them in the future if they lost control.  McConnell, get real or get out.  Abolish the filibuster once and for all and let a majority of the people we elected carry out what we put them in to do.  The losers shouldn’t be in control.  If you continue to let them, you should be fired.

Lastly, all the Republican traitors who voted for a clean and complete repeal of Obamacare when Obama was pres and they knew he would veto and then ran on the same issue and now with Trump ready to sign turned tail, exposing their hypocrisy, need to be targeted in their next primary and shown the door.