Came across a great article recently by Kurt Schlichter in Townhall in which he sets out a great way for Trump to take charge of the Russia witch hunt.  The link is below.

The basic idea is to write a public letter to Mueller setting out that he is president and Mueller is a subordinate official in the executive branch.  He would then give Mueller 3 days to explain in writing why he shouldn’t be disqualified from his position given his close personal and professional relationship with Comey and Comey being the person accusing Trump of obstruction of justice in a his word against Trump’s scenario.  I can assure you as an attorney that this clearly would disqualify Mueller under the applicable DOJ regs.  My only problem at this point is that Schlichter didn’t also point out and demand a response to conflict created if Mueller does his job which would require him to investigate Comey for his conversion of federal records for personal use and then illegally leaking them to the press through a friend.  It is my understanding that the leaked documents contained classified info although Comey claimed to have written them to avoid putting in classified information.  Mueller can’t possibly claim there isn’t the appearance of a conflict of interest in being the one investigating his buddy.

Schlichter then goes on in the letter to have Trump require Mueller to explain how picking a staff that is comprised overwhelmingly of attorneys who gave max donations to Dems and Hillary and none of whom contributed to Trump doesn’t appear to create the appearance of bias and undermine the integrity of of his investigation.

Lastly, and this is the part I really love, Trump’s letter would give Mueller until Halloween to conclude his investigation and terminate his appointment on that date to keep this phony investigation from forever and endlessly expanding to the detriment of the public purse and undermining the president’s ability to do what he was elected to do by constantly and illegally leaking one baseless allegation after another.  Why I particularly like this approach is that Trump doesn’t actually fire Mueller, rather he demands an explanation of why Mueller and his staff shouldn’t be disqualified by obvious conflicts and then sets a term limit on Mueller’s appointment after which DOJ will take over anything that’s left since it should never have relinquished its authority in the first place as there was no criminal investigation–just a counterintelligence investigation which is not criminal and thus cannot serve as the basis to appoint a special prosecutor.

Anyway, please read the article.  It will probably take you less time than you spent reading this rant.

2 thoughts on “GREAT IDEA

  1. Are you forwarding any of these ideas to Trump? Maybe it would be good if someone were to plant a bug in his ear. It’s time to get past all of this Bullshit and start letting him do what he was elected to do!

    1. I have forwarded stuff before and I never hear anything back. I’m sure most of what I say is known by his staff.

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