I have often wondered what would happen when the climate fraudsters ended up in a courtroom where they would have to put up or shut up about their fraudulently manipulated data in the light of day subject to examination and cross examination by the climate skeptics.  The following link will tell you how that works out for the fraudsters.  It was set out in Paul Homewoods excellent blog – notalotofpeopleknowthat.

What makes it particularly enjoyable is that Michael, the hockey stick, Mann brought it on himself.  He sued Tim Ball, about whom I have spoken previously, for libel in Canada because Ball said Mann should be in the state pen rather than at Penn State, which is a turn of phrase I thoroughly enjoy.  When forced by the court to turn over the back up data for his fraudulent hockey stick graph — which is the Rosetta Stone for all the fraudsters — he went belly up and put himself in contempt of court.  Now the Canadian court will pretty much be required to find that Mann engaged in criminal fraud in his bs graph, using federal funds and he will be required to pay Ball’s fees and the expenses.

Mann as laid out in the article was also stupid enough to file a libel case in DC against Mark Steyn which will also likely lead to a similar result.

The destruction of this toad is the true beginning of the end for the left’s perversion of science to try to destroy capitalism and replace it with a worldwide socialist government.  Interesting, Obama just a couple of days ago said the the only hope for the world is a progressive — read that as socialist– world wide government.  If you’ve read my earlier rants you will know that this is not a new position for Obama.  His entire presidency was about weakening this country and giving our money to everyone else.

Don’f forget that this isn’t the first time the fraudsters got caught.  Look up climate gate if you’ve forgotten.

Trump and Pruitt stand your ground.  You’ve been proven right.  Keep us safe from the worldwide socialist cabal.