More strange bedfellows.  Who’d of thought.  The reason for this juxtaposition is that both are involved in rules that involve intent.  In Hillary’s case, violation of the laws pertaining to classified information didn’t  require intent just carelessness.  In Langer’s case, his violation of the rules pertaining to anchoring your putter requires intent.  Hillary was clearly in violation of the applicable laws and should have been prosecuted.  In Langer’s case, the rules require that he intended to anchor his putter to be a violation and he said he didn’t.  Anyone who has seen the videos knows he anchored his putter.  However, USGA lackeys say that since he said he didn’t intend to it’s okay.  This is total BS and the USGA needs to amend its rules.  The proof is that when the USGA informed him that there was a question, his putting went south.  Knowing that he was being watched for anchoring,  he couldn’t putt for shit.  Wake up and fix the rules.