I would have said Dems 0 but they were so lame in their questioning that they don’t deserve a zero.

Now before continuing on that subject, I would first like to say that I was forced to watch the testimony on MSNBC.  That’s because Fox News kept locking up.  This is not a new problem.  I am beginning to believe that this is no accident.  TWC continues to support the Shakespeare in the Park depiction of Julius Caesar in which Trump is repeatedly stabbed and otherwise abused.  It defies logic that the only channel that has problems is Fox News.

Next observation is that Sessions could easily be the model on which Yoda was based.

Also, McCain is still non compos mentis.  Even a friendly witness like Sessions couldn’t understand several of his incomprehensible questions.

Furthermore, Sen. Collins of Maine, a RINO if ever there was one, is quickly heading towards senility.  She’s five years younger than me but her voice quivered like Katherine Hepburn in her eighties and whenever she raised her hand it shook uncontrollably.  Who the hell lost an election to her?

Now back to the subject at hand, the Dems had nothing.  All they could do was ask questions that they knew Sessions couldn’t answer about private conversations with Trump and then pretend that was ominous and meant that something illegal must have gone on.  Fortunately, Senator Cotton, I believe it was, pointed out that they sat on their hands when Holder and Lynch and numerous others refused to answer on similar grounds during the Obama administration.

Hypocrites all of them.

There is no there there and Republicans need to quit playing along.  Stop these stupid hearings.  Yes Russia and others tried to influence the outcome of our election, as they have for decades.  And they will continue to try in the future.  There is zero evidence that they had any effect on the election.  Moreover, as I’ve previously ranted, Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter asked Moscow to intervene on their behalf.  Obama actively interfered in the Israeli election and in Brexit.  Quit being hypocrites.  All governments try to affect the outcome of elections in other countries to their benefit.

Dems understandably keep pushing this nonsense since they have nothing else, but Republicans don’t have to play along in sanctimonious pursuit of a nonissue.  Shut this nonsense down and get busy accomplishing what you were elected to do.

This nonsene has already resulted in the appointment of a Special Counsel investigating nothing criminal, and while I know I previously said this could be a good thing, I have changed my mind given that he has hired a former attorney for the Clinton slush fund.  Nobody even remotely neutral could do such a biased and incompetent thing.  Trump and his surrogates should make major noise about this and put the heat on Mueller.

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