Just watched Kimberly Guilfoyle say complete bullshit again.  She said as she has been saying that Comey’s memo is work product.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Work product is a very specific doctrine that protects documents prepared by or for an attorney in preparation for litigation from discovery by the opposing party absent very limited circumstances.  Comey, although an attorney, was not representing anyone in litigation much less acting in any capacity as an attorney in his interaction with Trump.  He’s a gumshoe as director of the FBI not an attorney.  Kimberly should know better since she frequently flaunts her prosecutorial credentials.  I’m beginning to think that her only real credentials are her looks which she seems to believe are incredible.  She’s not nearly as good looking as she thinks.

Maybe she was using work product as a way of conveying that the memo was a federal record subject to all the rules Hillary ignored.  Namely that the document was created during the course of his official work and was therefore an official federal document.