I am sick and tired of all the pundits continuing to talk about Comey’s “notes”.  They keep talking about “contemporaneous ” and/or “extemporaneous ” notes as if it has some significance.  It doesn’t!  First, Comey did not take notes during the meeting.  Thus, whatever he wrote later, whether it was shortly after the meeting or a day or two later, really doesn’t carry any weight legally.  If he had some regular practice of documenting all his conversations and filing them as FBI records then maybe you could make some weak argument that they constitute what’s called “business records” and would be an exception to the hearsay rules.  But he didn’t do it routinely and I don’t think they would qualify anyway.

More importantly, what possible significance can a self serving, CYA, memo written after a meeting have?  Why does writing down lies make them more credible?  Comey could have walked out of the meeting and wrote Trump asked him for a BJ.  Would that make it credible?  Hell no!

Drop the memo nonsense.  This is a classic he said —  he said pissing contest, and the fact that one of the pissers wrote down what he wants to claim is his version means exactly zero!

If Trump actually does have tapes, which I kind of doubt, then Comey has real perjury problems because Trump would not have said he didn’t say something and then turn over a tape of him saying it.