Senator Mark Warner (D) Virginia, the head Democrat on the committee delving into the Comey nonsense today is the ultimate hypocrite.   He said what we really have to be concerned about is Russian interference in the election.  This despite there being zero evidence that it had any impact on the election.  Given that it was proven that at least 7000 illegals are registered to vote in Virginia, a fact that was only established after several lawsuits forced Virginia to provide what should be public records.  The 7000 were found because a comparison was made between voter rolls and drivers license rolls and 7000 registered voters indicated on their drivers license applications that they are not US citizens.  There are potentially several thousand more who lied on both applications so there could easily be more than 10,000 illegals registered in his swing state.  Virginia elections are frequently decided by a few hundred votes, yet this hypocrite is worried about the Russians.  Could it be because illegals vote for Democrats?  Keep up the faux outrage hypocrite!

P.S.  I just checked and Hillary beat Trump by just over 2000 votes!  Sorry, I looked again and it was 200K.  My bad.