All right, we’re in the middle of the Comey testimony and I haven’t watched much of it.  However, I will make a couple of observations.  First and foremost, I am sick and tired of listening to both lawyers, including Comey, and non lawyer politicians, pretending that Comey’s self serving memo to himself has any validity whatsoever!  They, including Comey, are suggesting that because it was allegedly written shortly after his conversation with Trump it somehow makes it important in a legal sense.  This is pure nonsense, highlighted by the fact that he has testified that he didn’t write memos to self on any routine basis.  Not on conversations with Bush, Obama or Lynch.  He can certainly testify about his conversation with Trump, but his later “documentation” is nothing but self serving hearsay, period!  It has no evidentiary value.  He could have made up everything in it if he wanted.

The other observation I would make is that Kamala Harris, the present senator from California and former Attorney General of California is a force to be reckoned with.  She is being touted as the next Obama and possible presidential candidate in 2020.  She just asked Comey a series of questions (read that as a series of inflammatory accusations about Trump) knowing that Comey couldn’t respond either for national security reasons or because of Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Russian nonsense which the MSM will no doubt find a way to make into sound bites to suggest something nefarious about Trump.

Bottom line, from what little I have seen, at the end of the day Trump will be vindicated and the MSM and DEMS will pretend they finally have the smoking gun.  NONSENSE!  As reiterated by Alan Dershowitz yesterday on I think MSNBC, much to their chagrin, the President cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice.  All executive power under the Constitution is vested solely in the President.  The DOJ and the FBI work for him.  He can tell the Director of the FBI what to investigate and what not to investigate.  He could preemptively pardon Flynn and put an end to the investigation.  There is no such thing as independence in the Executive Branch.  End of story.