Thought I’d write this before Trump formally announces his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.  First, all you need to know about the nonsense that is this non-agreement agreement is that the Chinese are strongly pushing it and trying to get Trump to stay in.  Gee, I wonder why the world’s biggest polluter would want the US to comply with a faux agreement that let’s China not only continue to pollute, but also increase it’s pollution until 2030 at which point they could set a goal or in reality they will most likely pull out of Paris.  In the meantime we would have to cut CO2 output, pay billions of dollars into a UN slush fund that would undoubtedly end up in the pockets of dictators etc., without doing anything to stop the scourge of nonexistent global warming (sounds a lot like a Clinton fund),and double or triple our energy costs leading to the loss of more jobs to China and others.

Just in case you don’t know, there are several actual scientific research papers out which demonstrate unequivocally that recent increases in CO2 have resulted in the planet being much greener and big increases in food production.

You know that the whole scam will go down the toilet if Trump pulls out.  The EU is not going to pony up the $100 billion slush fund envisioned by the agreement.  And third world countries are not going to stay in without the hush money envisioned by the agreement.  And I believe that recipients of this money include China.  You also know that Germany and other EU countries are not going to continue to handicap their factories with extremely expensive and totally unreliable green energy if this country doesn’t.

Now, my real concern is that Trump will decide on some phased withdrawal that could cause legal problems here.  There is much talk about there being a four year period before we can fully withdraw.  This poison pill was specifically put in by Obummer to make it harder to cancel his legacy.  Trump and his advisers need to say — bullshit!  The agreement is not binding on this country.  Obama would have had to take it through the Senate and got 67 Senators to approve for it to be a binding treaty under the constitution.  Absent that, it’s only binding on Obama since he signed it.  Kerry has admitted there was no way in hell it would have been approved as a treaty.

The importance to me on this issue is that if Trump doesn’t get out totally, you can bet that environmental groups will find some socialist judge to declare that the EPA can’t roll back Obama’s clean energy regs because they are required somehow by the Paris Agreement.  Since all commitments under that agreement are non binding and unenforceable goals, it would seem unlikely that a court could decide otherwise.  However, several leftist judges had no problem creating decisions out of thin air on Trump’s immigration orders, and you can bet they’d do it again on global warming.

Here’s hoping that the President bites the bullet and doesn’t try to placate the leftists in his administration like Ivanka and Jared and Rex.  Put a stake through its heart now!!

One thought on “WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS — NOT!

  1. Oh, my God, we’re all going to burn up now that the planet is going to explode! All of the fish are going to die; the green plants are going to turn brown; the oceans are going to swallow up the low lying islands; cars are going to choke to a stop; airplanes won’t have enough oxygen to stay in the air and kill millions when they fall out the sky!
    Let’s see now, the cows will be dead and stop passing that dangerous methane gas. WAIT! With the temperature increasing .00000012% in the next 100 years – none of this will actually happen. Man, I feel better now! WHEW! For a moment there I think I drank the koolaid……..

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