There are several things I want to comment on in this current debate on Ryancare or Trumpcare or whatever.  First, the left, including the female idiot on whatever Eric Bolling’s show is called, and Bernie and Fauxcohontas and Hillary and Barry, I know I proposed to you several times but I can’t marry you because you’re white and that would hurt my political aspirations even before I go to law school so I have to wait for an American hating black woman, continue to champion the nonsense of single payer.  One last time, we already know how single payer works in this country.  People, the VA is single payer run by our incompetent government.  Does anyone seriously want all of us to be forced to suffer like our veterans are forced to?

Next, the nonsense of the filibuster in the Senate needs to be eliminated and term limits need to be imposed.  I have ranted about both these subjects before.  Trump recently said the Senate rules need to be changed and swamp people on both sides feigned outrage.  Republicans need to person up and eliminate the artificial filibuster.  The supposed reason for this nonsense is that it forces bi-partisan compromise.  No it doesn’t!  Dems lock arms and march goose step against anything, secure in the knowledge that the MSM will blame the Republicans for failing to pass legislation or shutting down the government.  And idiots like Cruz and McConnell pretend that we must continue this nonsense because at some point in the future Dems might have the majority.  If they do, Republicans are too fractured to use this power effectively or at all.

I saw a ridiculous article yesterday claiming Trump’s desire to do away with the automatic filibuster was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers.  No it’s not!  There is nothing in the Constitution about filibusters.  The Senate and the House make their own rules!  There’s no Constitutional requirement at issue.

If we had term limits, then elected officials would be concerned about doing what’s necessary and right and accomplishing what they could rather than worrying about what power they may have 20 or 30 years down the road.

Lastly, I’m sick and tired of the nonsense about 24 million people losing coverage under Ryancare.  What the CBO actually said was that 14 million people who were forced to buy Obamacare would freely exercise their right not to buy instance, and the other 10 million are people who were projected to get free healthcare in the future by additional Medicaid expansion.  Remember, almost all of the supposed additional people covered by Obamacare were people who got free coverage from Medicaid expansion.

I am not saying that whatever is in Ryancare is good.  It’s not, but elimination of the reconciliation nonsense would make it possible for Republicans to pass real reform while they still have both the presidency and the Congress.  When we put you in charge to accomplish change, do it even if it means blowing up outdated rules.  That’s how you confirmed Gorsuch and that’s how you can represent the people who put your sorry asses in office!

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