Let’s start with Tucker Carlson and his new 7 pm show on Fox News — Tucker Carlson Tonight.  If you haven’t seen it, it is a breath of fresh air.  Every night he brings on at least one empty suited gasbag and proceeds to eviscerate him or her by simply and repeatedly asking them for the evidence supporting whatever MSM bullshit they put out.  It is truly enjoyable as a former litigator to watch someone be effectively “cross examined” and not let off the hook for empty statements.  The entire show is entertaining and I highly recommend it, particularly since some others like “The Five” have lost a lot of their appeal.

Now for Megyn Kelly who is just another empty suit — admittedly she fills it out better than most — but that is as far as I can tell her only claim to fame.  She is in the final year of her current contract with Fox and as far as I can see is doing her best to make herself the news.  She started off by attacking Trump in the first Republican debate with her question about his statements about women.  She was clearly trying to put herself in the spotlight, which she accomplished.  However, when Trump hit back she curled into a fetal ball and hid for a few days.  Hardly an intrepid reporter.

(And just so it’s clear, Trump never said anything about her being on her period.  That was just more of the faux narrative put out by Hillary and her feminist supporters.  He said she had blood coming out of her eyes and whatever, which he later explained was referring to her ears or nose.  He never said anything about menstruating.  That was just more bias and indicates that’s where faux feminists try to take everything.)

After she finally came out of her fake coma, she has spent all her time trying to make herself the story to increase her monetary value for contract negotiation purposes.  She eventually jumped on the Roger Ailes is a pig bandwagon, while previously saying they had a good relationship.  She was just trying to sell herself and her book.  I always find it amusing when a woman sells her sexuality and then claims offense when someone notices.  She always sports cleavage and generally tight fitting dresses and she made sure that her desk on the “Kelly File” was open in front so everyone can see her legs.  And to be honest, if she weren’t attractive she wouldn’t have the job opportunities she’s had, plain and simple.

And she obviously pontificates about stuff she doesn’t understand.  She has continued to maintain that Trump is a threat to the First Amendment because he has attacked her and other “reporters” and the MSM.  She is a lawyer as she points out frequently, and I looked it up and she went to Albany Law School — which is tied for the 129th ranking for U.S. law schools.  Not exactly where Supreme Court justices come from although I’m sure they provide a good legal education.  It’s just that apparently when they were teaching constitutional law she had something better to do.

Let me make this simple.  The First Amendment protects, among other things, freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  Thus the press is free to print and say whatever they want — with some exceptions for lies they know are lies — but nothing says you can’t hit them back with your own free speech.  She seems to believe that as a “journalist” she can say anything she wants about Trump and he has to remain silent and not counterattack.  Sorry Megyn, that’s not how it works.

Which basically gets me to the end point of this rant.  I’m tired of so-called journalists who think they are the story.  I want journalists who convey the news accurately instead of trying to be reality TV stars.  Let’s get back to that and everything will be more civil.  Where are you Walter Cronkite when we need you!


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