As most of you reading this know, I broke my right ankle almost a month ago which resulted in me being a captive in my own house for another 3 weeks if all goes well.

It’s amazing what you learn when you can’t go anywhere.  Thankfully friends have been very helpful.  However, did you know that Chinese restaurants in Clayton don’t deliver.  I’ve called all I could find and they said no.  I’ve NEVER lived anywhere before where Chinese restaurants didn’t deliver.  In Clayton the only restaurants who apparently deliver are pizza places.  I couldn’t even find a delivery service.  If anyone knows of one please let me know.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this area who would appreciate a service who would pick up prepaid orders at various restaurants or grocery stores and deliver them for $5 or $10, depending on what’s involved.  Some enterprising individual or individuals — maybe individuals who are presently pizza delivery drivers  —  should branch out and offer a broader service.  I know I’d appreciate it and I can’t imagine that others wouldn’t.