I love Stormy!  Not because of who she is or what she does or did for a living, but because maybe we can now get over the fiction that somehow elected officials are supposed to be sexually moral icons.  They all have to feign outrage at every hinted sex scandal when you and I know that the vast majority of them are guilty in their private lives.

She is putting Trump in a similar position to that started by Bill Clinton, although he didn’t “inhale”, and finally put to rest by Obama that anyone who smoked marijuana is unqualified for office. Likewise with Trump we are finally getting to the position that who you have consensual sex with, kinky or otherwise, shouldn’t determine your qualifications for office.  What I’m interested in is what you’re going to do or are doing for me and the country and not who you are doing.  We all know what we got when we elected Trump and it wasn’t a choirboy because we’ve had enough hypocrites.