Sessions fired this troll for lying under oath and the DMSM are hyping the fact that McCabe immediately turned over to Mueller notes he fabricated after meetings with Trump.  As I noted previously CYA notes have zero evidentiary value.  Ask yourself what value would you apply to notes from someone fired for lying under oath?  Moreover, McCabe also turned over to Mueller notes he allegedly wrote about his conversations about Trump’s interactions with Comey at which he was not present.    Just what  Comey fabricated.

Comey is a totally unbelievable liar.  We know he provided classified info to a friend without security clearance to get his buddy Mueller appointed to conduct an unrestricted witch hunt against Trump. The most amazing thing to me is that Comey is going on a book tour to lecture us about ethical management,  Really, the guy who wrote a memo exonerating before her Hillary and her friends were even interviewed can lecture us about ethics?  Comey and McCabe both need to go to prison!