It was announced last night that Trump has agreed to meet with little rocket man, and that they are willing to denuclearize.  Maybe.  But the point is that Trump’s unpredictability and threatening rhetoric along with the MSM’s portrait of him as unhinged has had a positive effect.  No more announcing what we’re doing in advance or taking options off the table like Obama’s we won’t use nukes first.

When the news first broke even the MSM praised this unprecedented news, with at least one pundit indicating that if Trump pulled it off he would have to be considered one of our great presidents.  Then the talking points went out and all of the sudden everyone was saying Trump doesn’t know anything or read anything and is just being used as a stooge by little rocket man. Really, does anyone seriously believe that little rocket man is Trump’s intellectual superior or a better negotiator than the Donald?  Get real!  Where were these idiots when Obama was played by Iran into an agreement guaranteeing they get nukes in ten years and then slipping them $150 billion in unmarked bills like a drug deal.

Another talking point was that Trump was giving lrm legitimacy on the world stage.  Where we these idiots when Obama partied with the Castro’s, giving them legitimacy during the attack on Brussels?  Pushing their leftist/socialist agenda of course.  One thing I continue to fail  to understand is why the MSM is so enamored with socialism.  Don’t they realize that the first thing to disappear in a socialist country is freedom of the press?   It’s as stupid as Linda Sarsour, a proponent of sharia law,  being considered an icon of women’s rights.  Just plain stupid!  And if sharia law is so great for women, why doesn’t she get her dumb ass back to a country where it’s actually the law?  Because she’d have to shut her ignorant mouth or die!

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