People wonder why we have a deficit.  Well here’s a great reason.  Today, Governor Rick Scott of Florida said he was going to spend $500 million to harden Florida schools.  Now I am sure to cement my position as an asshole with this rant, but let’s look at reality.  The Parkland school shooting was according to the WAPO article I cited earlier was the only  mass school shooting in Florida since Columbine —a period of 19 years.  And I don’t recall any before that but maybe there was one.  Thus that equates to less than one per year.  Why in the hell would anyone rationally propose to spend $500 million to prevent the unpreventable.  People you can harden schools,  but that will still be ineffective if someone really wants to kill students.  They could easily set up outside a high school football game and as is the case locally go across the street and fire into the bleachers or wait until the game was over and shoot at students when they all left together.

Is that the most effective way to spend your tax dollars?  I don’t think so.  This is just politicians spending your money to garner votes without any real effect on outcomes!  Remember that after the Pulse nightclub shooting, which was much more deadly, I don’t recall the governor saying he was willing to spend that amount to protect gays.