The first thing I want to point out is that Schiff never wanted his bogus memo released.  As I have said before and as Nunes pointed out, Schiff intentionally put information  in his memo exposing sources and methods to make sure it couldn’t be released with the hope that it wouldn’t be released so he could continue his lies about the political actions of the FBI and DOJ.

Now I was going to rant after it came out but wanted to wait until Andrew McCarthy commented.  Nunes issued a point by point rebuttal and Byron York of the Washington Examiner had a very persuasive article but I still wanted to wait until McCarthy commented.  Why you ask?  Because McCarthy has actually been involved with FISA warrants.  He is a former DOJ attorney that knows what he is talking about.  He writes for the National Review,  a publication that is basically part of the never Trump debacle.  And while his legal insights are always on point, he has always been skeptical about people saying that DOJ and the FBI were political.  However. Recently, I think after the Nunes memo and the Strzok and Page emails were released, he has said that these agencies were politically compromised at the highest level.

I suggest that any of you who are interested in the veracity of the Schiff memo read his article.  It makes clear that the FBI intentionality lied to the FISA court to obtain a warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.  Just google it and read it.  All your questions will be answered.

P.S.  I forgot to mention something important.  We know the Schiff memo is unimportant because the MSM isn’t trumpeting it.  Sure WAPO and the NYT put out obligatory editorial nonsense, but they did such a poor job that it’s clear they don’t think it’s of any political use.  And few other media groups are covering it at all.