Before you read this it may help if you go back and reread my rant from 9/21/2015 on the Obama administration and their misuse of disparate impact to push their political objectives.

Now what I learned today is that Obama and Holder made grants available to governmental entities who changed requirements for reporting actions of minorities resulting in suspensions from school and/or criminal activity by minorities to achieve racial equality in crimes.  I warned you that that is what they were up to.  The county in which Parkland sits,  Brevard or Broward I don’t recall which, reduced numerical inequality by changing what they considered for suspensions or crimes but didn’t actually change what was really happening.  Thus the police were basically trained to ignore minority crimes to try to fit the disparate impact nonsense.  It is quite likely why they ignored all the warning signs on the shooter because they didn’t want to get involved and why they preferred to hide behind their cars rather than help stop the killing going on inside that school.

There are also some 18 states I believe that don’t report information to national databases used to determine who can purchase a gun.  My point is that enhanced background checks are inherently going to fail.  When you have the mayor of Oakland alerting illegals that ICE was coming, how good do you think the info from California is going to be?