Just for any of you who are mathematically challenged, over the past five years approximately six students per year were killed in in school shootings.  That means students were more than ten times more likely to be struck by lightning than shot in a school shooting.  People six per year!  I venture that more died from bee stings or peanuts or crossing the street or falling down stairs.  Is this The basis for restricting your constitutional rights?  Really!  Anytime a child dies it is a tragedy, but that doesn’t mean we should  give up  our rights to enact meaningless laws.

I saw on Tucker tonight that when an assault rifle ban was put in place for ten years, it resulted in no decrease in murders.  In fact, DOJ statistics show that murder by knifes were three times higher than murder by rifles, and in fact significantly  lower than murder by bare hands and feet.

Six incidents per year out of 70 million is no basis for public policy!