Clearly the Dems and their fellow travelers in the MSM get together every day to agree on their phrase of the day.  Last week it was cherry picking in the Nunes Memo.  Monday, it was constitutional crisis if Trump removes Rosenstein.  Watch Laura Ingraham’s show for a montage of this nonsense.  Fortunately for them in their echo chamber no one asks what constitutional provision would that violate?  The answer is none.  It may cause a political crisis, but Trump has every constitutional right to fire this toad.

The important point here is that all Republicans or others who believe in the rule of law need to turn out this year to assure that the Republicans maintain the majority in the House.  If the Dems get control, they will impeach Trump regardless of whether or not they have any provable crimes or misdemeanors.  We cannot continue as a constitutional republic if the president is impeachable if he loses control of the House.  What do you think would have happened if the Republicans impeached Obama for lying about keeping your doctor and your plan or lying about the video causing Benghazi?

Just in case you don’t understand the process, impeachment by the House will not result in the removal of Trump.  It would take something like either two-thirds or three quarters of the Senate to actually remove him.  Never going to happen.