Just to get out early on this, the same Dems who ranted and raved about how releasing the  Nunes memo would lead to the complete and utter destruction of our national security, have now written a counter memo which the committee voted to release yesterday triggering the five day period for the President to review and declassify their memo, or redact national security info and release those parts that are releasable.

Guess who couldn’t wait and leaked their version to the NBC news.  I guess national security only applies to info exposing Dem corruption.  Now I could try to comment on the counter memo, but I haven’t seen it.  However, Andrew McCarthy at the National Review apparently has and wrote an excellent article today pointing out just how specious and incompetent this supposed rebuttal is.  Just look it up.  It’s entitled “Jerrold Nadler’s Leaked Response to the Nunes Memo is Very Week”.

I suggest you read it so that when the left starts spewing their nonsense about the Dems memo eviscerating the Nunes Memo you’ll know the truth.