As I suspected, Schiff in continuing his assault on the truth would come out with a counter memo of half truths and outright lies.  You can tell Schiff is lying because his lips are moving.  Their big lie today is that the FISA court was made aware of the political nature of the Steele Dossier.  Bullshit! There was a FOOTNOTE!  It indicated that some info was from political sources.  It did not tell the court that the political source was Hillary Clinton, the person running against Trump.  It also didn’t tell the court that the dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary, and more importantly as we learned today, it did not tell the court that not only did Hillary pay for the dossier but that she also paid the folks who provided the false and salacious info to Steele.  The Dems are desperate.  Don’t let their lies prevail.

Also, there is a claim that the investigation started months earlier based on Papadopoulos drunken ravings.  While it’s true that Strzok opened an investigation months earlier, he did nothing and didn’t even interview Papadopoulos until after the FISA warrant.  Just another red herring!

Appoint a special prosecutor and put her in jail along with all the other Obama crooks.

BTW:  I have written many legal briefs and several published law review articles and no one reads the footnotes!