Rosenstein needs to be fired.  Period.  Not only was he the US Attorney who covered up the Uranium One debacle along with his buddy, then the Director of the FBI, Robert Meuller, but he also approved the continuation of the illegal FISA warrant on the Trump campaign.

What really got my attention yesterday however was the fact that I didn’t know before that Rosenstein was the one who brought Meuller to Trump to interview for the FBI position and then THE NEXT DAY after Trump turned him down appointed Meuller Special Counsel to investigate the guy who had just turned Meuller down.  And as I have indicated previously, he violated DOJ rules and essentially gave Meuller carte blanche to dig into anything against Trump.  This is not something that came out in the memo, but it came out during one of the evening shows, I believe from Sebastian Gorka, and I looked it up and even CNN confirms it’s true.

Sessions needs to grow a pair and get rid of this toad!

UPDATE:  Saw today that Rod threatened to subpoena the texts and emails of members of the Intelligence Committee if they continued to press for documents from the DOJ.  This is the definition of abuse of power and a crime!