I was sitting in my car on the way to Harris Teeter and stuck on 42 because of the construction and ended up listening to Limbaugh –  not something I normally do.  In his ranting about the “memo” he got into a screed about Trump allegedly asking Rosenstein whether he was his guy.  I have seen this reported elsewhere.  However, this is where Rush blew it.  He said that the left was up in arms because DOJ is supposed to be neutral and non political and while true it was understandable that Trump would think otherwise since Obama had clearly politicized DOJ.

Now I have ranted about this before, and to be fair Rush is not an attorney.  I was pretty sure but looked it up to be sure.  Then I looked at the US Constitution to make sure I didn’t sleep through something in my Con Law class, and sure enough neither the Attorney General  nor the DOJ are mentioned in the Constitution.  All executive branch functions are solely the purview of the President.  Thus, the Attorney General is the President’s guy!  Moreover, I can tell you from personal knowledge that all Attorneys General are political and are put in to carry out the President’s agenda — not to be some independent arbiter.  Do you really think that JFK appointed RFK to be independent?

Rush, while I generally agree with you, you need to consult with an attorney before you start spouting off about stuff of which you are ignorant!

BTW for all of you may not know or are too young, the FBI has always been extremely political at the top.  Remember that J. Edgar Hoover, transvestite supreme, kept his position and power for years by using his folks to dig up dirt on politicians to blackmail them to keep him in power.

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