Just a few things from this week.  First, Paul Manafort has filed a suit challenging Mueller’s authority to prosecute him for things long predating the Trump campaign.  The suit rightly points out as has been discussed here previously that Rosenstein didn’t comply with the relevant DOJ regs and that Mueller was given an illegal and in my opinion unconstitutional mandate.  Let’s not forget that the prosecutorial power is vested in the executive branch and absent specific circumstances not present here cannot be exercised by someone outside the DOJ.  Let’s hope that Manafort prevails and the string of unrestrained special prosecutors is brought to an end.  As I have said before, Mueller should be limited to the period between Trump entering the race and the election.  His indictments to date have nothing to do with Trump-Russian collusion.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I am beginning to wonder what Geraldo Rivera’s connection is to the Clintons.  While he has been saying all week that Trump has done a good job and has accomplished much, every time the subject of Hillary’s emails or the Clinton slush fund come up he literally trips over himself claiming that that’s all been investigated and debunked and we should move on.  To be clear, they have never been investigated legitimately and are now being investigated by DOJ and may finally lead to justice.  Geraldo’s actions lead me to wonder what emails between him and some Clinton crony or Hillary herself were on that bathroom server.