First, Happy New Year to all!

Now for a bit of MSM hypocrisy.  My last post on global warming turned out to be somewhat similar to a Trump tweet at about the same time.  Predictably, the MSM fell for  his trolling them and AP and others quickly and correctly pointed out that Trump didn’t differentiate between weather and climate and this cold snap is just weather.

How come when there are tornadoes or hurricanes or wildfires, they always say it’s climate change, but when Trump points out something that doesn’t fit their religion — and that’s what climate change is — it’s just weather.

Now the other bullshit thing to come out recently from this bunch of frauds and one of it’s chief prophets, James Hansen, is a claim that the nonexistent global warming may lead to a little ice age in the near future.  Hansen predicted back in 1988, I believe, that New York City would be under water by now.  Oops!  Now the notion that the heating up of the Earth will cause an ice age is just CYA by this loser who hasn’t been right on just about anything.

If you have followed my rants, then you are aware that it’s been fairly clearly shown that the Sun is really the driving force for the heating and cooling of our planet, in spite of the fact that the computer models used by these false prophets assign zero influence to the Sun.  The importance of this is because we are about to enter a period of low solar activity and real scientists have indicated that this lower activity will lead to another little ice age beginning around 2030.  How convenient that gets everything wrong Hansen would recognize that the real scientists are getting it right on the direction the temperatures are heading and then utter some mumbo jumbo nonsense to claim global warming will result in an ice age.  I guess he needs to get some predictions right even if it’s for the wrong reason.