This is just too good to pass up.  I saw an article today which said the “neutral “ idiots in the Congressional office scoring the Republicans tax plan have ruled that repeal of the Obama individual mandate would constitute a tax hike.  I should stop right here and let you ponder the insanity of that position — canceling a tax is a tax increase.

Now just to save you the effort of trying to figure out this nonsense, these idiots view the individual mandate as a penalty and not a tax, which is how it was sold to us.  That is of course until it got to the Supreme Court at which time to save this unconstitutional overreach, the Obama administration said that it was a tax and Chief Justice Roberts, in trying to somehow make his court legacy, bought it.

Now these swamp creatures take the position that since the individual mandate is a penalty and not a tax, canceling it would result in people choosing not to buy insurance and if they did they would lose the federal subsidies that lower income folks get to buy insurance and this loss of subsidies for something they don’t want is a tax increase.  You might want to have several drinks before trying to follow their “logic”.