Hillary is scared shitless. All you have to do is watch how vehemently she is trying to claim that a special counsel to investigate her and her emails and Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation are just some dictator trying to harass his political opponents.   Total bullshit.  The situation that will be investigated, if Sessions grows a pair, is whether or not Hillary and others broke the law, and if you’ve read my rants you know they did, and their party  —  the Obama administration — covered it up to protect her candidacy.

Hillary’s daily escalating screeching questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s election just demonstrates how worried she is.  Any competent prosecutor will easily be able to convict her and many others of numerous crimes.

If you recall, after the election I said I didn’t want to see a prosecution of the whole mess.  It would be better for the country to just let her fade away into oblivion.  Unfortunately, she just won’t shut her ignorant mouth up.  So I say, “Lock Her Up!”