First, let’s deal with the nonsense going around which states that all women making allegations should be believed.  NO THEY SHOULD NOT!  There are two reasons for my position.

One, we know that they are not all true.  See Duke lacrosse, Tawana Brawley,  The Rolling Stone article just to mention a few.  These were all travesties resulting from the nonsensical position that women don’t lie.

Two, it requires the corollary proposition that all men lie about such allegations and thus should be presumed guilty—the opposite of the way our judicial system is supposed to work.

If you accept this nonsense, then any woman for any reason can invalidate the candidacy of any male politician.  That’s total nonsense.  Even Hillary who campaigned on the proposition that all female allegers should be believed, choked and dissembled when asked if that applied to Bill’s accusers.

Another issue I wish to address under this topic is the MSM obsession that Trump condemned Franken but not Moore — and even on the Five today they blew it.  First Trump has said Moore should withdraw if the allegations are true.  But of more significance, the difference is that Franken has admitted the allegations against him.  Roy Moore has denied the allegations against him and there is absolutely no proof against him.  The folks on the Five seemed to believe that Moore is more guilty because the one allegation involves a 14 year old girl —  the other allegations concern dates and activities with females beyond the age of consent.  But it’s still an unproven 40 year old allegation, which can’t be proven.  It is his word against hers.   No one else was there, if there was a there. Moore says there was no there there.  As I’ve said before I don’t like Moore, but I don’t want to see us devolve into a situation where any women can control any election, particularly for Republicans since Dems seem to get a free pass by the MSM.

This of course leads me to the last point in this rant, the blatant hypocrisy of Dems and the MSM on Bill Clinton.  Now that the Clintons are finally buried, all of the sudden they want to rewrite history and pretend that somehow Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky.  They want to pretend times have changed.  No they haven’t.  Sexual harassment was a big issue back then, and I was delivering training classes on the subject.  Total hypocrisy.