Let me start off by saying once again — I don’t like Roy Moore!  He’s a scary religious nut case and potentially like many overly religious folks engages in sexually inappropriate behavior.  (See Catholic priests, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker etc.).  And the point of this rant is not to cover for Moore.

So what is the point.  It’s to point out the double standard of the swamp dwellers in Washington and the MSM.  Senator Bob Menendez D. NJ, has been on trial over the past several weeks on federal corruption charges and it has barely been covered at all.  That’s right a sitting US Senator is being tried on criminal charges and they’re looking the other way.  Now, you ask, what has that got to do with Roy Moore, Lindsey Graham and the swamp.  Well I’ll tell you.  As part of the corruption investigation into Menendez, it was established that some of the pay to play involved trips to his corrupter’s Dominican estate on his private jet and involved partaking in sex with underage prostitutes.  Also it was determined that some young strippers were paid and transported to the Dominican estate to have sex with the Senator.  [Sounds a lot like Slick Willie and the Lolita express, but I guess it’s okay because he’s a Dem.] This of course would violate human trafficking laws.

Now to finally get down to the point of this rant.  Guess who called for Moore to step down but also testified at Menendez’ trial as a character witness for this serial sexual predator.  That’s right good old self righteous Lindsey Graham.  What a hypocrite!  What this really shows is closeness of the swamp creatures.  Moore is not a swamp creature, at least not in the Washington swamp, and so is a threat to the swamp dwellers and any allegation must be believed and highlighted.

Need further evidence.  Yesterday Republicans took some kind of vote condemning Moore, but remained silent on the continuing stream of allegations against George H. W. Bush for grabbing the butts of young girls during photo ops.  Another one came out yesterday but the swamp dwellers remained silent because there couldn’t be anymore dedicated swamp dwellers than the Bush dynasty.