As anyone following me knows, I’m not a big Roy Moore fan.  He’s a way too scary theocrat for my liking, but he won the primary and deserves the support of the party —unless he drops out because he admits the one 14 year old accuser is  telling the truth.  He has denied it and there is no way to know as it is a 40 year old he said/she said.  With respect to the other girls, it appears they were over the age of consent and therefore not an issue and I don’t believe they have alleged non consensual sexual activity.

Now before some of you get on your high horse and start pontificating about the impropriety of a man in his early thirties dating young women, I suggest you, particularly if you’re on the left, check out the Daily Mail and see all the glorified sexual relationships between actors in their 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s with 18 or 19 year old starlets or models right now, not 40 years ago.  Also remember we’re talking Alabama.  When I grew up in the South, it was a common joke that the only virgins in Alabama were 12 year old girls who could outrun their 13 year old brothers — not true I am sure but an indication that we’re talking about a different time.  Back forty or fifty years ago in some places the age of consent was 13 which was also the age you could get married without parental consent.

At any rate, the point of this rant is that it’s time for Republicans to grow up.  This is standard dirty tricks from the left and you fall for it every time.  Quit tripping all over yourselves trying to claim the moral high ground (especially considering most of you on both sides of the aisle occupy the very low ground) and denounce the dirty trick.  Listen, just because you don’t like Moore because he’s an outsider who might rock your cushy boat, doesn’t mean you should want to lose a seat to the Dems, although I suspect many of you would prefer that to draining your swamp.

Roy Moore ran for elected office many times over the past forty years, and this woman never once came forward, not even in the primary this year.  Am I the only one who finds the timing highly suspect.  Is it a coincidence that with Moore leading in polls this allegation would suddenly materialize when it was too late to substitute another Republican.  It has already come out that at least one of the allegers worked on the Hillary campaign and I believe in time it will all be revealed as a partisan dirty trick.  Again this is not to say that it didn’t happen.  There is absolutely no way to prove it either way, and more importantly, there is no allegation that Moore is a serial predator like Weinstein or Cosby or Bill Clinton, an alleged rapist and harasser, not to mention a possible pedophile given his numerous trips on the Lolita Express.

Wake up Republicans and stop being used as a tool by the left.  And if you prefer a Democrat then it’s time to resign or at least have the decency to switch parties and then see how that goes come your next election.