John McCain, Democrat or at best a RINO, once again puts himself in the spotlight for no reason other than he’s a delusional media whore.  He claims he wants regular order.  There hasn’t been regular order in the senate for more than a decade and it’s not likely to occur in the foreseeable future.  He came up with the oxymoronic reason that he doesn’t want to see Obamacare  ‘repealed’ by the same process used to force it’s passage to start with.  REALLY, does that make any sense to anyone with a brain?

To put this in perspective, does anyone really believe that McCain would vote no on a bill to double the Pentagon’s budget because it wasn’t put forward through ‘regular order ‘?  Hell no.  He claims to want to wait for a full CBO score.  Has the CBO been right about anything in your memory?  Obamacare care was never supposed to cost taxpayers anything close to what it has!  And most of their estimates about how many people get covered is really a measure of how many people will get free health care through Medicaid.  Of course it’s not free.  You and I pay for it and I personally believe that it’s unconstitutional.  Now I know that the Supremes will never say so but the Founding Fathers never would have envisioned taking money from one person to give it to another.  That’s not democracy.  The Founding Fathers believed that our money should only be taken to support our defense and foreign relations and basic police powers.  We have unfortunately long passed that test and it’s not to our benefit.