Yes, it’s a cheap play on words with statutes of limitations, but I think it’s appropriate.  I had not really planned on getting involved with the nonsense surrounding erasing our past.  I agree with Charles Barkely that the statues are irrelevant.  I lived in the DC area for almost 30 years and passed by innumerable statues countless times and couldn’t tell you who most of them represent.  I decided to post this rant because it occurred to me that what’s going on is a brilliant gambit by the Dems.

It is important to remember that the pre-civil war South was controlled by the Democratic Party, and they were the party of slavery.  Their decision to succeed was in large part caused by the election of Lincoln, a Republican, and their fear that the addition of future states would result in the abolition of slavery.  Now to be clear from the outset, I believe slavery is unconscionable.  Unfortunately it has pretty much always existed and still exists. It is not unique to African Americans who were sold by other Africans to the slavers.  Also I feel that it is appropriate to note that slavery was much more prevalent in the South because it was much more economically viable in the South.  Large plantations and warmer climate made it much more viable in the South.  And as I have noted many times, the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow laws and the KKK.

Now the reason for this rant is that it is brilliant for the Dems to try to erase their own racist past while making it seem like the Republicans were the racists.  Unfortunately, our lousy leftist education system has left students without knowledge of which party was the racist party and in fact I would bet that most teachers are clueless.  It is truly brilliant to try to erase your racist past and blame the opposing party for your sorry history.

I would truly love to see someone — Tucker are you listening — the next time someone on the left makes some stupid argument about destroying a statue of Robert E. Lee say, “you mean the lifelong Democrat Robert E. Lee?”  And then follow up after the predictable stuttering with a question asking if in fact the Democratic Party is trying to erase it’s racist past before most Americans realize the truth.  That would make my day.