I don’t normally watch her show but I am today and she totally blew it.  In a discussion about Trump’s speech today and his statements about Iran, the two individuals commenting, one a Bush speechwriter and the other I think someone from the Reagan or Bush administration, had different takes on Trump’s use of the term radical Islamist terrorism.  The Bush speechwriter said Bush used that term and he knew it because he wrote the speech and the other guy said no he didn’t because he said Islam is a religion of peace.  Martha said they could both be true and then said that of course Islam is a religion of peace.  I’m calling bs.  Islam is anything but a religion of peace!  There is nothing in their ideology that suggests peaceful coexistence with infidels.  And in case you didn’t know, that’s you and me.

Quit sucking up to Islam.  I have no problem with Muslims who embrace our culture and Bill of Rights, however, both our culture and beliefs are not in accord with the basic teachings of Islam.