I am now certain that I was correct that the folks at the Weather Channel root for land falling hurricanes in the US so they can be on camera for no reason other than to appear important.  There is absolutely no reason for these idiots to stand outside on camera in the middle of a hurricane.  It would give me great perverse pleasure of to see Mike Bettis, the idiot outside in over 120mph winds, in Naples, blown ass over tea kettle down the street and into the Gulf.

The guy I appreciate was the smart guy who they went to in Marco Island and he said no he wasn’t there.  He was in his vehicle on the way to Orlando.  He had set up a remote camera and was describing what was going on in Marco in safety.  They should do that everywhere in the path to provide us information without risking themselves.  They are doing the opposite to get as much tv face time as possible for their egos.  Absolutely no reason for that idiot to be standing out in wind.  BLOW HIS ASS OVER!