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I watched some other channels this morning to see just how out of touch they were and was not disappointed.  The MSM didn’t apparently listen to the address.  More importantly, I was shocked, just kidding, to see fact checkers put forth their nonsense.  The big one was their, at Time and CNN, position that Obama cut taxes more than Trump.  Say what?  I don’t remember any tax cuts by Obama, so I looked up what they were talking about and found that these idiots compared the Trump tax cuts to percentage of GNP.  Now this is inherently biased.  The weaker the GNP, the better anything you do looks good.  More importantly, they credit Obama’s renewing the Bush tax cuts as Obama cutting taxes.  SERIOUSLY!! Letting people keep their money is a tax cut.  Not increasing taxes is a cut.  REALLY!!

They also didn’t count the massive decrease in corporate taxes, just personal income taxes.  These are the same idiots who said eliminating the individual mandate tax was a tax increase. Get serious!  Maybe they counted the imposition of the individual mandate tax as a tax cut?


Justa quickie.  Trump’s speech was masterful and the Dems looked stupid in not standing for anything, even stuff that should have been no brainers for any American. Pelosi looked like she had borrowed someone else’s dentures and crying Chuck looked just plain dumb.  It was great, after eight years of the opposite, to see a president cheering on this country instead of belittling it.


During last nights State of the Union address, the Congressional Black Caucus sat on its collective hands even when the president said things that should have had them jumping up and down, including the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded.

(Stephen Colbert apparently questioned this because during slavery there was essentially a zero unemployment rate and suggested that many Republicans wanted to return to those times.  Such an idiot!  Perhaps someone should school him on what party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow!!)

But back to the point of this rant.  These same individuals spent the last eight years jumping up and down like demented wack-a-moles every time Obama opened his mouth or farted.  This for a president whose policies resulted in blacks doing worse than any other group during his administration.

Now I thought this was really strange and just part of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and then it occurred to me that it really is bad news to them.  They sell government dependence and a permanent black  underclass to depend on and vote for them.  If blacks prosper  under Trump and increasingly move into the middle class, then their jobs are in jeopardy.  Blacks like everybody else will vote for their own economic interests and that’s not higher taxes, bigger government and more giveaways.

As an aside go back to my rant on and then check out their attire for last night.


I have previously mentioned that TWC seems to be biased against Fox News as it seems to be the only news channel that has a habit of breaking up during important news days.  Yesterday with the potential release of the Intel committee memo, mysteriously all the evening shows just kept breaking up.  As indicated that’s not unusual, however the thing that struck me today when I attempted to locate the Hannity show on demand.  I couldn’t find Fox News anywhere on demand.  The Rachel Maddow show is available but no Tucker or Sean.

Very curious!


During the final on the women’s side at the Australian Open, one of the female commentators said that this year no women failed to complete a match but four men did.  The apparent point was that women aren’t as fragile as men.  This is total bullshit.  Women play three sets and men play five.  The longest woman’s match is the same as the shortest men’s match.  You want to claim some kind of superiority then play the same amount.

And congrats to Caroline Wozniacki.  Also to Simona Halep who I’m sure will win grand slam titles in the future.


This is a quickie.  Hillary will never be prosecuted for her many proven felonies concerning her illegal email server.  Why, you ask?  Because as I have previously pointed out, Obama using a fake name and private email account communicated with her illegal private server and these communications involved classified information.  I don’t believe anyone has the balls to prosecute her knowing that it means Obama would also have to be prosecuted.  Nobody will be willing to endure the political outrage that would result.  Sorry.

Now that wouldn’t stop them from prosecuting her for the Uranium One scandal and they should.  They should also clearly state that she violated the law with her server and compromised our national security for her personal gain.  They need to do that to put an end to any further political ambitions for the Clintons.


The controversy surrounding the #me too movement points out the dirty little secret about feminism.    Now before I get to that it’s become clear that the sexual harassment pendulum has swung too far and has failed to differentiate between sexual assault and women who decide after the fact that they didn’t like what they did so it’s his fault.

Sexual assaults and actual workplace harassment need to be dealt with, but normal sexual relations aren’t one sided.  Both parties participate and one doesn’t get to be the sole arbiter after the fact.

Ponder this question.  Why is it that when two high school or college kids go out and get bombed and have sex, the female is considered not to have consented, but the male who was every bit as drunk is automatically considered to have consented.  If after the completion of their coupling, they each got in their separate cars and were subsequently arrested on DUI charges, would the female be let go because she was too drunk to understand she was driving?  I don’t think so!

Now before getting to the dirty little secret, let’s talk about the hypocrisy of Hollywood.  The movie industry thrives on sex.  There are few non kids movies that don’t exploit sex and push nudity for both actors and actresses.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but to suddenly act like actresses don’t know what’s going on.  And I’ll say it.  For every actress who now complains about something that happened, there are undoubtedly many who have willingly and intentionally used sex to get ahead.  I’m sure it true for actors as well.

Now for the dirty little secret.  For at least 80% of women they don’t want equality.  Yes, they want equal pay and equal rights, and they have them now under the law, but they still want to be treated as special.  They still like having doors opened and being treated differently than men.  They like gentlemen.  They don’t want men to talk to them like they do to each other.  If you really want equality then you would accept that a man doesn’t have to speak differently depending on the gender of the person being spoken to.  And just to bring home the point, the number goes to near 100% when a ship is sinking or hostages are being released and it’s always women and children first.  Damn few of even the most ardent feminists are going to refuse to go before the men.  So just admit it you don’t want true equality.  You want the best of both worlds.


I meant to rant about this a couple weeks ago but was just being lazy.  It was brought back to mind by CNN digging up Tucker Carlson’s ancestry to point out that his great grandfather,  I believe , immigrated from Switzerland or Sweden and somehow Tucker was a hypocrite for opposing illegals.  Tucker indicated that he had no interest in tracing his ancestors because it had nothing to do with how he lived his life or raised his family.  They’re Americans.

Similarly, I’m 7/8ths German and 1/8th French which I know because my grandparents immigrated from Germany.  It has had zero effect on my life, other than being fortunate enough to be born here.  I don’t do anything to “celebrate” my German heritage.  It is totally irrelevant to anything I do.  (In case you’re curious, my dad’s dad was half French and that’s where the last name comes from.)

Now you’re wondering what this has to do with the title of this rant.  Those ads are part of the problem.  You know the one where the guy starts out in lederhosen and talks about all his activities and then finds out he’s supposedly Scottish and so now he’s wearing a kilt.  Just how significant is your ancestry when you don’t know it and are so desperate for some inclusion that you would overnight ditch one ancestry for another.  Listen  dude you’re an American plain and simple.  Embrace it!

Likewise there’s the one black woman who thought her ancestry was from one part of Africa and it turns out it’s really from Nigeria— about a third I think it was — and now she ran out and got a green hat that’s now the most important hat in her life.  Listen you’re not Nigerian, you’re American.  Get over it.  Your heritage is the prevailing culture in whatever city and state you grew up in.

Why am I concerned about this is because I view it as one more subtle attempt to divide and conquer us.  It’s one more attempt to push multiculturalism rather than assimilation.  And I promise that one day I will write a long rant on that subject.