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This is going to be real short.  Yesterday, Trump gave a national security speech and it was an overwhelming success.  You know how I know?  Because the MSM virtually ignored it!  If they could have seriously criticized it, they would have.  All you ever need to do is check whether or not something is covered heavily by the MSM. If it is, then they think they can spin it into something against Trump.  If it gets buried, then they know Trump slam dunked it.


The purpose of this rant is to deal with the nonsense being spewed by the media concerning the false equivalence concerning sexual harassment (SH) allegations.  Al Franken announced he is resigning not because he is guilty but because it’s better for the Dems.  Roy Moore says he’s not guilty of the charges.

Here’s my point.  If you are elected and subsequently SH allegations come out, then it’s fair to question the legitimacy of your election — Al Franken.  If you’re Roy Moore or Trump and the allegations are brought out prior to your election then the voters have spoken and the opposition needs to shut up.

Just so you understand this is not a partisan position.  Ted Kennedy and his dead mistress was well known as we’ll as his walking with his junk out in front of his nephews girlfriend.  The voters of Massachusetts didn’t care and continued to elect him as was their right.

I lived in the DC area during the Marion (the bitch set me up) Barry years.  Subsequently a few years later the voters elected him again.  I’ve got no problem with that.  They knew the facts and didn’t care.  That’s what a democracy is all about.  If an informed electorate says they want you representing them knowing the SH allegations against you, that is their right!  The swamp needs to butt out!

BTW, I have no problem if Franken resigns and then runs for his vacant seat in an election.  If the citizens of Minnesota elect him knowing his proclivities then so be it.


Ok.  First just so you know.  For those of you who knew, my surgery went well and I am recovering quickly.

Now I have not been commenting on the all the recent revelations about the corrupt Meuller investigation because nothing new, other than a few names like Peter Strzok, has come out.  I told you about this corruption months ago. All that is happening is that  meat  is being put on the bones.

I am only putting out this rant because I am sick and tired of hearing all the nonsense about Hillary not being put under oath.  As I have said previously, compare 18 USC 1001, the criminal statute which applies to lying to the government in official government matters, and 18 USC 1621, the federal perjury statute.  The penalties are identical!!  If Hillary lied during her bogus interview, and she did, she is subject to being prosecuted to the same extent as Flynn who lied under oath. Someone please point this out — Greg Jarrett!