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This is just too good to pass up.  I saw an article today which said the “neutral “ idiots in the Congressional office scoring the Republicans tax plan have ruled that repeal of the Obama individual mandate would constitute a tax hike.  I should stop right here and let you ponder the insanity of that position — canceling a tax is a tax increase.

Now just to save you the effort of trying to figure out this nonsense, these idiots view the individual mandate as a penalty and not a tax, which is how it was sold to us.  That is of course until it got to the Supreme Court at which time to save this unconstitutional overreach, the Obama administration said that it was a tax and Chief Justice Roberts, in trying to somehow make his court legacy, bought it.

Now these swamp creatures take the position that since the individual mandate is a penalty and not a tax, canceling it would result in people choosing not to buy insurance and if they did they would lose the federal subsidies that lower income folks get to buy insurance and this loss of subsidies for something they don’t want is a tax increase.  You might want to have several drinks before trying to follow their “logic”.



Hillary is scared shitless. All you have to do is watch how vehemently she is trying to claim that a special counsel to investigate her and her emails and Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation are just some dictator trying to harass his political opponents.   Total bullshit.  The situation that will be investigated, if Sessions grows a pair, is whether or not Hillary and others broke the law, and if you’ve read my rants you know they did, and their party  —  the Obama administration — covered it up to protect her candidacy.

Hillary’s daily escalating screeching questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s election just demonstrates how worried she is.  Any competent prosecutor will easily be able to convict her and many others of numerous crimes.

If you recall, after the election I said I didn’t want to see a prosecution of the whole mess.  It would be better for the country to just let her fade away into oblivion.  Unfortunately, she just won’t shut her ignorant mouth up.  So I say, “Lock Her Up!”


First, let’s deal with the nonsense going around which states that all women making allegations should be believed.  NO THEY SHOULD NOT!  There are two reasons for my position.

One, we know that they are not all true.  See Duke lacrosse, Tawana Brawley,  The Rolling Stone article just to mention a few.  These were all travesties resulting from the nonsensical position that women don’t lie.

Two, it requires the corollary proposition that all men lie about such allegations and thus should be presumed guilty—the opposite of the way our judicial system is supposed to work.

If you accept this nonsense, then any woman for any reason can invalidate the candidacy of any male politician.  That’s total nonsense.  Even Hillary who campaigned on the proposition that all female allegers should be believed, choked and dissembled when asked if that applied to Bill’s accusers.

Another issue I wish to address under this topic is the MSM obsession that Trump condemned Franken but not Moore — and even on the Five today they blew it.  First Trump has said Moore should withdraw if the allegations are true.  But of more significance, the difference is that Franken has admitted the allegations against him.  Roy Moore has denied the allegations against him and there is absolutely no proof against him.  The folks on the Five seemed to believe that Moore is more guilty because the one allegation involves a 14 year old girl —  the other allegations concern dates and activities with females beyond the age of consent.  But it’s still an unproven 40 year old allegation, which can’t be proven.  It is his word against hers.   No one else was there, if there was a there. Moore says there was no there there.  As I’ve said before I don’t like Moore, but I don’t want to see us devolve into a situation where any women can control any election, particularly for Republicans since Dems seem to get a free pass by the MSM.

This of course leads me to the last point in this rant, the blatant hypocrisy of Dems and the MSM on Bill Clinton.  Now that the Clintons are finally buried, all of the sudden they want to rewrite history and pretend that somehow Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky.  They want to pretend times have changed.  No they haven’t.  Sexual harassment was a big issue back then, and I was delivering training classes on the subject.  Total hypocrisy.


Let me start off by saying once again — I don’t like Roy Moore!  He’s a scary religious nut case and potentially like many overly religious folks engages in sexually inappropriate behavior.  (See Catholic priests, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker etc.).  And the point of this rant is not to cover for Moore.

So what is the point.  It’s to point out the double standard of the swamp dwellers in Washington and the MSM.  Senator Bob Menendez D. NJ, has been on trial over the past several weeks on federal corruption charges and it has barely been covered at all.  That’s right a sitting US Senator is being tried on criminal charges and they’re looking the other way.  Now, you ask, what has that got to do with Roy Moore, Lindsey Graham and the swamp.  Well I’ll tell you.  As part of the corruption investigation into Menendez, it was established that some of the pay to play involved trips to his corrupter’s Dominican estate on his private jet and involved partaking in sex with underage prostitutes.  Also it was determined that some young strippers were paid and transported to the Dominican estate to have sex with the Senator.  [Sounds a lot like Slick Willie and the Lolita express, but I guess it’s okay because he’s a Dem.] This of course would violate human trafficking laws.

Now to finally get down to the point of this rant.  Guess who called for Moore to step down but also testified at Menendez’ trial as a character witness for this serial sexual predator.  That’s right good old self righteous Lindsey Graham.  What a hypocrite!  What this really shows is closeness of the swamp creatures.  Moore is not a swamp creature, at least not in the Washington swamp, and so is a threat to the swamp dwellers and any allegation must be believed and highlighted.

Need further evidence.  Yesterday Republicans took some kind of vote condemning Moore, but remained silent on the continuing stream of allegations against George H. W. Bush for grabbing the butts of young girls during photo ops.  Another one came out yesterday but the swamp dwellers remained silent because there couldn’t be anymore dedicated swamp dwellers than the Bush dynasty.


As anyone following me knows, I’m not a big Roy Moore fan.  He’s a way too scary theocrat for my liking, but he won the primary and deserves the support of the party —unless he drops out because he admits the one 14 year old accuser is  telling the truth.  He has denied it and there is no way to know as it is a 40 year old he said/she said.  With respect to the other girls, it appears they were over the age of consent and therefore not an issue and I don’t believe they have alleged non consensual sexual activity.

Now before some of you get on your high horse and start pontificating about the impropriety of a man in his early thirties dating young women, I suggest you, particularly if you’re on the left, check out the Daily Mail and see all the glorified sexual relationships between actors in their 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s with 18 or 19 year old starlets or models right now, not 40 years ago.  Also remember we’re talking Alabama.  When I grew up in the South, it was a common joke that the only virgins in Alabama were 12 year old girls who could outrun their 13 year old brothers — not true I am sure but an indication that we’re talking about a different time.  Back forty or fifty years ago in some places the age of consent was 13 which was also the age you could get married without parental consent.

At any rate, the point of this rant is that it’s time for Republicans to grow up.  This is standard dirty tricks from the left and you fall for it every time.  Quit tripping all over yourselves trying to claim the moral high ground (especially considering most of you on both sides of the aisle occupy the very low ground) and denounce the dirty trick.  Listen, just because you don’t like Moore because he’s an outsider who might rock your cushy boat, doesn’t mean you should want to lose a seat to the Dems, although I suspect many of you would prefer that to draining your swamp.

Roy Moore ran for elected office many times over the past forty years, and this woman never once came forward, not even in the primary this year.  Am I the only one who finds the timing highly suspect.  Is it a coincidence that with Moore leading in polls this allegation would suddenly materialize when it was too late to substitute another Republican.  It has already come out that at least one of the allegers worked on the Hillary campaign and I believe in time it will all be revealed as a partisan dirty trick.  Again this is not to say that it didn’t happen.  There is absolutely no way to prove it either way, and more importantly, there is no allegation that Moore is a serial predator like Weinstein or Cosby or Bill Clinton, an alleged rapist and harasser, not to mention a possible pedophile given his numerous trips on the Lolita Express.

Wake up Republicans and stop being used as a tool by the left.  And if you prefer a Democrat then it’s time to resign or at least have the decency to switch parties and then see how that goes come your next election.


WOW, isn’t it interesting that when the Dems get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, funding Russian propaganda via the Steele dossier, it’s oppo-research, but when Donald Trump Jr. meets with someone promising dirt on Hillary from Russia, it’s called treason.

And let’s not forget that the Russians have dirt on Hillary.  It’s well known that they hacked Hillary’s bathtub server and so have her 33,000 deleted emails.


Is it just me or have you noticed the difference in coverage between the shootings in Texas and the shootings in Las Vegas or in Charleston.  Of course we got the knee jerk reaction to use it to try to push ineffective gun control nonsense, but it quickly pretty much disappeared.  Even on Fox, I don’t think Bret Baier even covered it tonight. What’s going on is that as usual, the leftist media doesn’t care about what they consider the Christian, Republican rednecks in Texas  — Hillary’s deplorables.  Remember that after Vegas one idiot said that it didn’t matter because those folks voted Republican and the more dead the better .

Without a white shooter at a black church, they don’t care.


What’s not surprising is that Hillary stole the primary.  She’s been quiet about this so far, but that’s standard HRC tactics.  By Monday she’ll have some stupid statement crafted by her cronies to pretend that it’s no big thing.

I am writing this only to point out one thing. Her cronies are saying things like states control the primaries and so how could Hillary’s purchase of the DNC have any effect.  I’ll give you one way off the top of my head.  It’s a fact that Hillary sucks live on her feet in a real debate and has the charisma of a dead toad.  Remember that Bernie wanted many debates and the DNC refused to allow more than a few, and then scheduled them at a time when few people would watch.   That is one very effective way to have protected Hillary and disadvantaged Bernie.


Have you noticed the Dems hypocrisy over tax reform?  I have heard several talk about how Trump’s tax reform plan would burden our grandchildren with further increases in the national debt.  Where were these hypocrites when Obama singlehandedly doubled the combined national debt of all previous presidents together?

Now I’m reserving judgment on whether the tax plan is good or bad until more details are presented.  However, from what I’ve gleaned so far, it looks like I may get screwed.  As a single non head of household it looks like my taxes would increase.  I don’t like the lowest bracket being 12% and 25% kicking in at $35,000 or so.  That would be a massive tax increase.  We need to see more details.


Today on The Five during a discussion of Trump’s tweets against the failure of the DOJ to investigate the Clintons and others in conjunction with a whole host of things — most recently the rigging of the Democratic primary and money laundering to avoid campaign finance laws — Dana said it shows our independent judiciary.  That’s just plain stupid.  DOJ is not part of the judiciary.  It is part of the executive branch.  And just like the President is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, he is also the chief law enforcement officer in the country.  The Attorney General serves at his pleasure and reports to him.  Previous presidents have ordered the prosecution of individuals, and I’d like to tell you who they are as I’m positive that I read about them in an article by Andrew McCarthy I think, but now when I search for the subject I get a of non responsive bunch of junk which leads me to question whether this is another example of search engines being programmed to cover up certain things.

Juan Williams spouted his normal democratic talking points and kept trying to suggest we can’t allow a president to prosecute his opponents.  While that might sound good as a talking point, it’s nonsensical when you consider that the actions being talked about are all things that Hillary and the Obama administration did and covered up to protect Hillary’s candidacy and Obama’s legacy.  And it becomes transparently absurd when you consider that Trump is being investigated by his losing opponents.

Dana read the constitution before you pontificate.