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I don’t normally point out my previous predictions but there are a couple I just can’t pass up.  First you will recall that early yesterday I said it wasn’t a coincidence that Meuller indicted folks after a week in which he was exposed as covering up collusion between Obama administration and the Russians with Uranium One and then last night Hannity said the same thing.

More importantly, I have been saying for years that the state and local tax deduction forces people to pay for the leftist policies of NY,  NJ, IL, and CA.  Over the weekend, Governor Cuomo oF New York said that any Congressman or Senator from New York who voted for repeal of this forced giveaway to socialism was committing treason.  Nothing more need be said.



Is it a coincidence that after a week in which it became clear that Hillary, Obama and Mueller were the folks actually colluding with Russia — remember Meuller was the FBI Director when they investigated and had evidence proving Russian bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and pay to play with the Clintons as part of a scheme to get control of a substantial portion of US uranium and covered it up to clear the way for the Obama administration to approve the sale — that Meuller suddenly decided to indict some folks?  I think not!

There have been many calls, justifiably, over the past week for Meuller to recuse himself because of his and most of his team’s conflict of interest.  To try to deflect attention from his obvious problems, he files some indictments.  Someone needs to file ethics complaints against Meuller and end this charade.  And Sessions needs to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Hillary email debacle; the pay to play through the Clinton Foundation; and Holder, Lynch, Comey, Obama,  Meuller and the Clintons in the Uranium One scandal.

Lets level the playing field and investigate and indict the real criminals over the past 8 years!

P.S.  It occurs to me that Meuller’s action was quite brilliant.  Pressure was building to remove him, but now that he has issued indictments Trump would be removing him not from a wasteful, meaningless investigation but from an active prosecution.  The obstruction of justice howls from the left would be deafening!


Ok a quickie here.  I am not normally a conspiracy nut, but when it comes to the JFK assassination, I have questions.  Now I have seen many documentaries about it and even a mock trial on it by top lawyers at an American Bar Association convention in San Francisco, however the point I always come back to is the magic bullet.  A few months after the actual event, one of the major networks — at that time ABC, NBC or CBS — ran an hour long special to “prove” the viability of both Oswald being able to fire all the shots accurately in the timeframe established by the Magruder film but also that the magic bullet could have done what it was alleged to have done.

The network set up a mock up of the positions involved between Oswald and the Kennedy caravan.   Now to test out the possibilities expert marksmen were used.  Oswald as I recall was not an expert having only obtained the minimal military competence in marksmanship.  As I recall the network had I think 3 expert sharpshooters try to fire three shots accurately in the actual time involved and I’m not positive but maybe  one was able to do so.  More importantly, the network had set up various blocks of matter that approximated the densities that the magic bullet would have had to go through to accomplish what that bullet supposedly did.  They had their experts fire several rounds and only one even made it to the last block, and it didn’t come close to making it through that block.   Now remember the magic bullet went through Kennedy twice and Connelly at least once and made it all the way through and ended up on the floor.  The network without having any bullet make it through all blocks and exit declared that they had conclusively proved that the magic bullet did what it was it claimed to do. How in the hell do you declare a FAILED experiment proof of what it failed to do.

Lastly, I am very concerned that the FBI and the CIA still want to cover up documents over 50 years after the fact.  Just ask yourselves why?

BTW, as I recall the magic bullet was found in almost pristine condition which is virtually impossible given its supposed path.



This is about the sorry state of college education in this country.  It has been reported in several sources that college students are being affected by liberal/sociialist to the extent that they have no idea what they are talking about.  Students at George Mason University were asked about the first one hundred days of the Trump administration and told what Obama did in his first one hundred days, the apology tour and the stimulus package etc., were what Trump did and they said it was disgusting and said Trump was a fascist.  Later they were told that what Trump was proposing on tax reform was proposed by Bernie Sanders and they were for all for it after saying that that Trump’s tax plan was all wrong.  In both cases after learning the realities they admitted that they really only were exposed to leftist sources and really had no idea what they were talking about.

That’s what’s really going on?


My apologies to anyone who has missed my rantings, but I’ve been lazy and on vacation and nothing that has happened recently has really necessitated my commentary.  I considered commenting on Puerto Rico, but the decrepit state of that Democratically controlled island was well known prior to the hurricane and was well documented.  Trump’s right.  We can’t be there forever paying for their corrupt government’s failure to provide basic infrastructure.  These folks are American citizens but don’t pay income tax to the US.

I also considered commenting on the California wildfires.  The problem had nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with Obama’s failure to manage federal forests.  Had he put money into clearing out dead underbrush— kindling— instead of giving the chief sponsors of worldwide terrorism unmarked bills in a clandestined fly by drop off, the damage could have been mitigated.

Now the reason for my awakening.  It has come out over the past couple of days that the FBI had an ongoing investigation of the deal that led to Russia gaining control of a substantial potion of US uranium deposits.  An agent who was “gagged” had evidence of bribes, payoffs and other criminal acts that clearly implicated the Clintons while Hillary was Secretary of State.  The information and evidence was intentionally buried by the Obama administration.  Guess who was the director of the FBI when this occurred.  None other than Robert Mueller.  That’s right the supposed straight shooter who is investigating nonexistent collusion between Trump and Russia buried far more serious collusion  between Obama, Holder and the Clintons to give Russia access to our uranium.

Trump should order Sessions to un-gag the FBI agent involved and then when the truth comes out fire Mueller.  You can’t possibly investigate collusion with Russia when you covered up collusion with Russia!

Correction:  The gagged individual was actually a confidential informant and not an actual FBI agent.

And just to make it more unbelievable, Rod Rosenstein was the US Attorney in charge of the case.  The same Rod Rosenstein who appointed Mueller to look into Trump collusion with Russia.  Both Meuller and Rosenstein should be canned immediately!