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Recently, after Democratic Senator McCain once again demonstrated his true colors, media and attention whore, by going back on all his campaign pledges and public statements and defeating Obamacare repeal attempts, Trump put forth a few options, 2 of which are in his control, to sink what’s left of Obama’s signature debacle.

First he can withhold insurance company bailout payments which have been found to be unconstitutional and that would pretty well sink Obamacare.  In doing so he should direct Sessions to withdraw the Obama administration appeal of that decision, thereby ending the case.

Second he should direct OPM to stop subsidizing Congress and Congressional staff for much of their Obamacare premiums.  Remember, in a grandstanding move, the Dems removed the legislative branch from normal coverage under federal employee plans like I have and forced them to walk the walk in the exchanges.  Sounded good to start with but of course, once the law was passed, Obama through his OPM bailed them out by picking up most of the tab.  This was strictly an executive decision and can be reversed by Trump.  Do it and let’s see how wonderful the Dems and their fellow travelers think Obamacare really is.  Let McCain have to pay an additional $20K/yr and probably end up owing $30K or more after his surgeries — or maybe he could go to the VA for the wonderful care he’s assured that our vets get.  Without special preference, which you know he’d get, he’d die before he got to see a doctor.

The beauty of the the above is that it would force the hypocrites, on both sides of the aisle, to act or suffer the consequences personally.

The other thing he wants is an end to the filibuster in the Senate.  You know I’ve been advocating that for sometime, but he made the great point that there is no doubt that should the Dems regain control of the Senate they would immediately abolish the filibuster.  Thus the Republicans are only hurting themselves with the delusional idea that it would help them in the future if they lost control.  McConnell, get real or get out.  Abolish the filibuster once and for all and let a majority of the people we elected carry out what we put them in to do.  The losers shouldn’t be in control.  If you continue to let them, you should be fired.

Lastly, all the Republican traitors who voted for a clean and complete repeal of Obamacare when Obama was pres and they knew he would veto and then ran on the same issue and now with Trump ready to sign turned tail, exposing their hypocrisy, need to be targeted in their next primary and shown the door.


I am sick of all the talking heads saying that the Republicans have both houses of Congress and the presidency and therefore they are to blame for not fixing Obamacare.  As I’ve said repeatedly, because of the stupid filibuster rules in the Senate, they need 60 votes to do anything.  Instead of arguing about what can fit into “reconciliation”, it’s time for the nuclear option.  Get rid of the stupid filibuster rules and use the nuclear option.  Make the Senate subject to majority rule, as it should be. The will of the voters should not be thwarted by stupid rules that are not required by the constitution.

Now to be honest the Republicans are to blame because they only need 51 votes to change the rules like they did for Supreme Court nominees and Harry Reid did for all other presidential nominees.  But I want to see conservative talking heads to get real and start hammering on the nuclear option.  As I’ve said before, this is a rare opportunity, maybe once in a lifetime, to undo the damage done by multiple swamp creature administrations on both sides of the aisle.


Came across a great article recently by Kurt Schlichter in Townhall in which he sets out a great way for Trump to take charge of the Russia witch hunt.  The link is below.

The basic idea is to write a public letter to Mueller setting out that he is president and Mueller is a subordinate official in the executive branch.  He would then give Mueller 3 days to explain in writing why he shouldn’t be disqualified from his position given his close personal and professional relationship with Comey and Comey being the person accusing Trump of obstruction of justice in a his word against Trump’s scenario.  I can assure you as an attorney that this clearly would disqualify Mueller under the applicable DOJ regs.  My only problem at this point is that Schlichter didn’t also point out and demand a response to conflict created if Mueller does his job which would require him to investigate Comey for his conversion of federal records for personal use and then illegally leaking them to the press through a friend.  It is my understanding that the leaked documents contained classified info although Comey claimed to have written them to avoid putting in classified information.  Mueller can’t possibly claim there isn’t the appearance of a conflict of interest in being the one investigating his buddy.

Schlichter then goes on in the letter to have Trump require Mueller to explain how picking a staff that is comprised overwhelmingly of attorneys who gave max donations to Dems and Hillary and none of whom contributed to Trump doesn’t appear to create the appearance of bias and undermine the integrity of of his investigation.

Lastly, and this is the part I really love, Trump’s letter would give Mueller until Halloween to conclude his investigation and terminate his appointment on that date to keep this phony investigation from forever and endlessly expanding to the detriment of the public purse and undermining the president’s ability to do what he was elected to do by constantly and illegally leaking one baseless allegation after another.  Why I particularly like this approach is that Trump doesn’t actually fire Mueller, rather he demands an explanation of why Mueller and his staff shouldn’t be disqualified by obvious conflicts and then sets a term limit on Mueller’s appointment after which DOJ will take over anything that’s left since it should never have relinquished its authority in the first place as there was no criminal investigation–just a counterintelligence investigation which is not criminal and thus cannot serve as the basis to appoint a special prosecutor.

Anyway, please read the article.  It will probably take you less time than you spent reading this rant.


The healthcare debacle needs to end.  As I have said previously, it is time for a straight repeal that would take effect in 9 months.  This would  accomplish two things.  First, any Republican in Congress who votes against it would be exposed as a fraud and needs to be targeted in their next election by a true Republican.  Second, it would force both sides to get serious and fix the mess that is Obamacare.  Competition across state lines is way overdue.

Let’s get serious, the only people hurt by a repeal are people who are getting free coverage under Obamacare.

Now let’s talk about pre-existing conditions.  States need to set up pools to help these people.  Insurance is not relevant.  Listen, if you have a condition that requires $100K/yr, paying $2000/yr in insurance is winning the lottery not insurance.  Insurance is designed to cover future unknown contingencies, not known problems.  Pretending that people without insurance who have serious medical conditions should be able to buy insurance like and at the same cost as healthy people is nonsense.

I’m not insensitive to the plight of these people, but the answer lies with states making sure they don’t fall in the crack, not by making everyone else pay exorbitant insurance rates!


I have often wondered what would happen when the climate fraudsters ended up in a courtroom where they would have to put up or shut up about their fraudulently manipulated data in the light of day subject to examination and cross examination by the climate skeptics.  The following link will tell you how that works out for the fraudsters.  It was set out in Paul Homewoods excellent blog – notalotofpeopleknowthat.

What makes it particularly enjoyable is that Michael, the hockey stick, Mann brought it on himself.  He sued Tim Ball, about whom I have spoken previously, for libel in Canada because Ball said Mann should be in the state pen rather than at Penn State, which is a turn of phrase I thoroughly enjoy.  When forced by the court to turn over the back up data for his fraudulent hockey stick graph — which is the Rosetta Stone for all the fraudsters — he went belly up and put himself in contempt of court.  Now the Canadian court will pretty much be required to find that Mann engaged in criminal fraud in his bs graph, using federal funds and he will be required to pay Ball’s fees and the expenses.

Mann as laid out in the article was also stupid enough to file a libel case in DC against Mark Steyn which will also likely lead to a similar result.

The destruction of this toad is the true beginning of the end for the left’s perversion of science to try to destroy capitalism and replace it with a worldwide socialist government.  Interesting, Obama just a couple of days ago said the the only hope for the world is a progressive — read that as socialist– world wide government.  If you’ve read my earlier rants you will know that this is not a new position for Obama.  His entire presidency was about weakening this country and giving our money to everyone else.

Don’f forget that this isn’t the first time the fraudsters got caught.  Look up climate gate if you’ve forgotten.

Trump and Pruitt stand your ground.  You’ve been proven right.  Keep us safe from the worldwide socialist cabal.


More strange bedfellows.  Who’d of thought.  The reason for this juxtaposition is that both are involved in rules that involve intent.  In Hillary’s case, violation of the laws pertaining to classified information didn’t  require intent just carelessness.  In Langer’s case, his violation of the rules pertaining to anchoring your putter requires intent.  Hillary was clearly in violation of the applicable laws and should have been prosecuted.  In Langer’s case, the rules require that he intended to anchor his putter to be a violation and he said he didn’t.  Anyone who has seen the videos knows he anchored his putter.  However, USGA lackeys say that since he said he didn’t intend to it’s okay.  This is total BS and the USGA needs to amend its rules.  The proof is that when the USGA informed him that there was a question, his putting went south.  Knowing that he was being watched for anchoring,  he couldn’t putt for shit.  Wake up and fix the rules.


Strange bedfellows I know but watching recent ORKIN commercials has convinced me that the brainwashing of the left has now invaded even advertising.  It has been demonstrably shown that the 97% of scientists believe in global warming, is false.  Schools have been force feeding this nonsense to our kids for years and now Orkiin is saying in their commercials that we use “science ” to determine how to get rid of your pests.  We use science would never have been a phrase used in commercials before the present leftist nonsense about the supposed settled science of global warming.