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Pun intended.  This is a rant I have been meaning to write for a while.  Today’s Major League Baseball pitchers are pussies.  I was born in the late 40’s and grew up watching baseball in the 50’s.  We lived in Tampa and I guess our closest major league team was the Washington Senators, but we were fans of the Milwaukee Braves — probably because my parents were from Minnesota and this was prior to the Twins.  At any rate, this was the time when Warren Spahn and Lou Burdette were pitching for the Braves and Whitey Ford and Don Larson and Sandy Kofax and Herb Score and Don Drysdale and Robin Roberts among many others were pitching.  The norm was to pitch a complete game and I remember more than one where the starting pitcher continued pitching into extra innings. [In 1963, Juan Marichal for the Giants and Warren Spahn for the Braves pitched against each other for 16 innings.  That’s more than most of today’s pussies would pitch in three games.]

Today’s pussies seem to think they have done a great job if they last six innings.  They have few if any complete games during a season.  Hell, when I played Little League, it was the norm that the starter pitch all six innings.  As an aside, I once pitched a no-hitter and we won 6-4.  A defensive masterpiece — not.  In American Legion ball when I was 13 through 16 or so, the starting pitcher threw all nine innings unless he was getting pounded, but today’s adults can’t do it.  Come on.  Next thing you know, they’ll allow runners in the mile to bring in a sub for the last quarter mile.

How did we end up with this ridiculous state of fragile athletes?  I have no idea.  Hell, relief pitchers are sometimes only allowed to pitch one inning.  If you can’t throw three innings every day, you should give up.  SERIOUSLY, give up!  You’re not an athlete, you’re a pampered pussy.  This is one reason that games are so damn long.  It’s not unusual to see a pitcher brought in to face only one batter.  Let’s get back to having athletes pitch instead of pampered prima donnas.


Just a quick note in case you didn’t see it, but in response to a request by I believe Judicial Watch, their request for NSA records regarding unmasking by Susan Rice and other Obama criminals was denied because the most transparent administration in history says that they conveniently transferred them to the Obama Presidential Library, which doesn’t exist as of yet, but means that the records of their criminal activity cannot be accessed for the next five years.  What a shocker!  Fortunately not only Judicial Watch requested them but one or more congressional committees requested them and I seem to remember that at least one committee subpoenaed them.  It will be interesting to see if the transfer occurred before or after the records were requested.  It also raises the troubling question of why a Trump Administration NSA would participate in this travesty.  Clearly, Trump needs to drain the NSA swamp!


Am watching the Fox News Specialists, a strange monicker for the show given the cast, and one of the guest specialists today is Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels.  When I was on my fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, they had a program in the evenings, at least a couple times a week in the Arco Forum where prominent people were invited to speak and anyone could attend.  The speakers were all well known individuals and I went to all of them while I was there.  Ted Kennedy spoke and I believe Casper Weinberg along with George Will and Vernon Jordan who had just left the Urban League.  Shere Hite of the famous Hite Report on female sexuality spoke.  She was interesting but had so much white makeup on she looked like a Kabuki dancer.  There were numerous others including Curtis Sliwa.  Now this was almost forty years ago but he was hands down the most charismatic speaker by far!!  Just a little tidbit from my past.

BTW, there are only two other people I have met that were truly charismatic.  The first was Hubert Humphrey, the Senator and presidential candidate from Minnesota.  He was having dinner in a restaurant in Bethesda where my first wife and I were also dining.  My parents were from Minnesota and his office had helped my grandmother with a problem and I went over and thanked him.  While my politics differ, the man positively glowed.  It was amazing.

The only other person I met who was positively, glowingly charismatic was Wonder Woman, Linda Carter.  I was in a vitamin shop close to my office in Rockville, Maryland and there was only the clerk and a woman toward the back of the store.  While I was looking around, the woman approached and suggested I should get some wheat grass.  When I turned to face her, I was almost speechless when I saw who she was.  She was just incredible and positively glowed.  She would stand out in any crowd, anywhere.  Not just because she’s gorgeous but there was just an aura or presence about her that was incredible.


You know there was a time when I thought the judge had his head screwed on pretty well, but recent events have led me to believe otherwise.  First, he was a first level trial court judge in New Jersey, not a US District Court judge or an Appellate Court judge at the federal or state level.  Thus he’s hardly a leading legal light.  He’s more like Judge Judy.  Also he didn’t attend Harvard or Yale or Stanford, he went to Notre Dame.  This is not a put down on ND, it is presently rated I believe like 20th in the nation.  My law school is presently rated 40th.  However, that’s now.  All you need to know is that when I was applying to law schools and took the LSAT, as part of the price for the test you could have your scores sent to 4 schools for free.  I had mine sent to Harvard, Yale, Florida and for the hell of it–ND.  I applied to the first three because I figured if I didn’t get into Harvard or Yale it wasn’t worth the cost to go out of state.  ND accepted me without me even applying.

Now my problem with Napolitano is that he has recently been putting out opinion pieces which seriously cause me to question his legal acumen.  He’s made it clear that he’s not a Trump fan but a libertarian — which is fine —  but it appears to be affecting his ability to put forth rational opinions.  (If you want to see someone who doesn’t let his personal preference affect his legal opinion look up recent articles by Alan Dershowitz or Andrew McCarthy.). Judge Napolitano has repeatedly suggested recently that Trump’s constitutional authority as THE EXECUTIVE, is somehow constrained by the Independent Counsel act, which I believe was declared unconstitutional and led to the DOJ regs which allow appointment of a Special Counsel.  However, DOJ cannot issue a regulation changing a president’s constitutional authority.  It doesn’t work that way anymore than Congress can pass a law changing the Constitution.

The bottom line is that as President, Trump is in charge of the entire Executive Branch and neither Mueller nor the FBI is independent.  He has the constitutional authority to fire them all for any or no reason.

Rosenstein exceeded his authority by appointing Mueller in the first place.  The relevant regs allow for appointment of a Special Counsel only to investigate a specific crime.  A foreign intelligence investigation is not a criminal investigation and at the time of Mueller’s appointment, there was no crime.  Therefore, Rosenstein caved to political pressure and appointed someone without the authority to do so.  Trump has every right to be upset with Rosenstein.

While he has the constitutional authority to fire them both, the swamp creatures on both sides would go bat shit crazy and his ability to get anything done would be close to zero.  He needs to quit tweeting and let his legal team and other surrogates continue to pound Mueller on his apparent conflict of interest.  They have been doing so but only on the fact that Comey and Mueller are joined at the hip and even vacation together.  They need to expand the criticism to include the fact that any real investigation would include Comey’s potential criminal activities.  After all, he converted federal documents to his private use without permission or approval and then leaked them for his own purposes.  This should help counter the nonsense spouted by many ‘legal authorities’ that having a prosecutor that is friends with a cop is not unusual or unethical.  While that may or may not be the case depending on the circumstances of a particular case, it certainly isn’t the case where the prosecutor’s buddy is one half of a he said/he said pissing contest.  If Mueller really is the supposed straight shooter everyone claims, he’d recuse himself!  That would be a good first step but not really good enough since he has hired a bunch of Dem supporting prosecutors, including one who represented Hillary and the family slush fund on the email debacle.  [It is also worth noting that Comey may well have perjured himself in his Senate testimony when he said he didn’t make notes of his conversations with other presidents.  However, in a book out on Cheney, the author quotes extensively from notes made by Comey on a conversation he had with Bush.  Not unsurprisingly, Comey’s notes paint himself as a savior of the country.  Sounds like standard Comey derangement.]

Republican lawmakers need to speak out about this illegal investigation and push for Mueller’s removal.  And Rosenstein, as indicated in an article by Andrew McCarthy this morning, needs to resend his delegation to Mueller and issue a new one narrowly tailored to specific CRIMINAL activities.  Russian meddling is not a crime!


First off today, a big Hail to the Redskins!  I have been a Redskins fan for most of my life, and today the Supreme Court put a stake in the heart of the PC police at the Patent and Trademark office ruling that trademark protection cannot be refused because someone claims to be offended by free speech.  Obama’s PC nonsense just took a big hit!!


I would have said Dems 0 but they were so lame in their questioning that they don’t deserve a zero.

Now before continuing on that subject, I would first like to say that I was forced to watch the testimony on MSNBC.  That’s because Fox News kept locking up.  This is not a new problem.  I am beginning to believe that this is no accident.  TWC continues to support the Shakespeare in the Park depiction of Julius Caesar in which Trump is repeatedly stabbed and otherwise abused.  It defies logic that the only channel that has problems is Fox News.

Next observation is that Sessions could easily be the model on which Yoda was based.

Also, McCain is still non compos mentis.  Even a friendly witness like Sessions couldn’t understand several of his incomprehensible questions.

Furthermore, Sen. Collins of Maine, a RINO if ever there was one, is quickly heading towards senility.  She’s five years younger than me but her voice quivered like Katherine Hepburn in her eighties and whenever she raised her hand it shook uncontrollably.  Who the hell lost an election to her?

Now back to the subject at hand, the Dems had nothing.  All they could do was ask questions that they knew Sessions couldn’t answer about private conversations with Trump and then pretend that was ominous and meant that something illegal must have gone on.  Fortunately, Senator Cotton, I believe it was, pointed out that they sat on their hands when Holder and Lynch and numerous others refused to answer on similar grounds during the Obama administration.

Hypocrites all of them.

There is no there there and Republicans need to quit playing along.  Stop these stupid hearings.  Yes Russia and others tried to influence the outcome of our election, as they have for decades.  And they will continue to try in the future.  There is zero evidence that they had any effect on the election.  Moreover, as I’ve previously ranted, Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter asked Moscow to intervene on their behalf.  Obama actively interfered in the Israeli election and in Brexit.  Quit being hypocrites.  All governments try to affect the outcome of elections in other countries to their benefit.

Dems understandably keep pushing this nonsense since they have nothing else, but Republicans don’t have to play along in sanctimonious pursuit of a nonissue.  Shut this nonsense down and get busy accomplishing what you were elected to do.

This nonsene has already resulted in the appointment of a Special Counsel investigating nothing criminal, and while I know I previously said this could be a good thing, I have changed my mind given that he has hired a former attorney for the Clinton slush fund.  Nobody even remotely neutral could do such a biased and incompetent thing.  Trump and his surrogates should make major noise about this and put the heat on Mueller.


Before the Sessions hearing gets underway, I want to address just what a media whore McCain is.  His questioning of Comey last week was bizarre and senile.  He was roundly ridiculed by the MSM for the nonsensical nature of his questions.  So what did the whore do, he made a statement over the weekend that Obama’s foreign policy was much better than Trump’s.  Never mind that he had called Obama’s foreign policy feckless.  He accomplished his goal by endearing himself to the anti-Trump MSM and ending the ridicule he had been subjected to by them.  McCain is a senile RINO media whore who desperately wants to feel important and start more wars.  Arizona, please put this idiot out to pasture!


Again watched idiots saying that we’ve never had a president before who was a business man and so Trump is in a different position than previous presidents.  I’m calling BS again.  I’ve been to Mount Vernon and Monticello and those were very much businesses and I don’t recall any blind trusts.  Washington and Jefferson were in positions to further their wealth by pursuing policies that might increase the price of tobacco or cotton or whatever they were growing.  I suspect many other presidents had businesses or farms and didn’t divest.  Nobody raised this nonsense back then when the framers of the Constitution were in office and knew what the clause meant.

One other observation from visiting both plantations, they have many signs et cetera, pointing out the servants quarters.  No they were slave quarters!


Was just watching the Fox News Specialists and Eboni Williams referred to the Jim Crow South perjoratively.  I don’t disagree, but I wish that one time Eric Bolling or one of the other panel members would deign to mention that the Jim Crow South was in fact the policies of the Democratic Party.  That’s right folks.  The Democratic Party, the so called Dixiecrats, were the party responsible for Jim Crow.  Eric, grow a pair and every time someone brings up Jim Crow say you mean the laws put in place by the Democratics.  Most average folks don’t know better and believe because of the Dems and the MSM that those laws were perpetrated by Republicans.  Republicans were responsible for passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Most Democrats voted against it.

Quit letting them get a free ride!!


Just watched Kimberly Guilfoyle say complete bullshit again.  She said as she has been saying that Comey’s memo is work product.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Work product is a very specific doctrine that protects documents prepared by or for an attorney in preparation for litigation from discovery by the opposing party absent very limited circumstances.  Comey, although an attorney, was not representing anyone in litigation much less acting in any capacity as an attorney in his interaction with Trump.  He’s a gumshoe as director of the FBI not an attorney.  Kimberly should know better since she frequently flaunts her prosecutorial credentials.  I’m beginning to think that her only real credentials are her looks which she seems to believe are incredible.  She’s not nearly as good looking as she thinks.

Maybe she was using work product as a way of conveying that the memo was a federal record subject to all the rules Hillary ignored.  Namely that the document was created during the course of his official work and was therefore an official federal document.