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I will comment more when I see more of what’s in Trump’s proposal.  However, I certainly like removing most deductions, particularly the dedication for state and local income taxes.  As indicated in my earlier rant on the subject, allowing residents of socialist states like California and New York to deduct their ridiculous rates from their federal obligation makes the rest of us supporters of their stupid socialist agenda.


Obama and his socialist fellow travelers have been successful in infiltrating the judiciary.  Both the judge in Hawaii and the judge in San Francisco were Obama appointees.  I suspect that the judge in Washington was also an appointee of the Democratics, maybe Obama.  At any rate, the most important reason to have voted for Trump was to restore order in the judiciary.  Gorsuch was an outstanding pick.  If crooked Hillary had been elected, we would be a socialist banana republic.  The left knows it can’t get its agenda passed through Congress so it packs the judiciary with judges who are willing to ignore the Constitution to mandate leftist nonsense like men in women’s showers.

I haven’t looked up case law on the subject, but I don’t understand how a judge in San Francisco can issue an order nationwide.  US Circuit Courts of Appeal issue decisions which are only binding in their circuit.  The Supremes most frequently used basis for granting an appeal is a conflict in the circuits.  District Court opinions have no precedential value.  No one is required to follow it.  Now I can understand, maybe, how the judge in Hawaii could issue a nationwide injunction because stopping someone from entering New York could potentially stop them from going to Hawaii.  However, I don’t see how the judge in San Francisco can issue an injunction that applies to anywhere other than San Francisco when it comes to sanctuary cities.

We definitely need to reign in judicial activism.  And Congress needs to pass a law restricting US District Court judges power to their district only!

Just in case you didn’t know, under the Constitution the Congress has the authority to set the jurisdiction of courts other than certain cases relegated to the Supremes.


Saw where some UN organization, maybe human rights, has said that repealing and replacing Obamacare would violate UN “laws” because some people may lose coverage.  Where were these assholes when Obama took away coverage from millions with his lie of the year, if you like your plan you can keep your plan.  Let’s get real, the UN is a wannabe world wide socialist organization that we need to either withdraw from and kick them out or ignore and marginalize.  Remember these assholes just put Saudi Arabia on the group responsible for protecting women’s rights.  If I need to explain the idiocracy of this, you need to kill yourselves.


This idiot has been in the news a lot recently do to the March for Science last weekend.  First he got his panties all twisted up because CNN had the nerve to have an actual scientist, an individual with a PhD in Physics, who is a global warming skeptic on a panel with the non science guy and another individual on Nye’s side.  Nye is not a scientist, he has a BS in mechanical engineering.  His complaint was that if there was one skeptic on the panel then there should have been 97 or 98 true believers.  There are several things wrong with this position.  First, as anyone who has read my rants knows, the 97% number is totally made up and unsupportable.  Next, since he should be capable of simple math, if the 97 was accurate then the real fraction would be 97/3.  Lastly and most importantly, if this nit wit was actually a scientist, he should have welcomed the challenge to debate the issues instead of complaining about having a real scientist and then spouting off false talking points.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, in his new Netflix series, I think it’s called Bill Nye saves the world, he takes on the issue of gender by having Rachel Bloom perform a truly cringeworthy song and dance number called “My Sex Junk”.  The article below explains it all contains a link to the awful number.  I’d say enjoy but it’s just too bad to enjoy.

Commentary: Can we stop pretending Bill Nye is a science guy already?


Was just watching the FIVEI and they announced they are moving to the 9pm slot on May first.  Jesse Waters will be taking Eric Bolling’s seat and Eric will be staying in the 5 o’clock slot with his own new show.  What they didn’t say was that apparently the rumors are true and O’Reilly is out and I suspect that Tucker Carlson will announce tonight that he will be moving to the 8pm slot.


I have several concerns over recent happenings in camp Trump.  First, Trump needs to get clear of Ivanka and Jared.  They are East Coast democrats who don’t have the interests of the people who elected him.  They are pretty much Hillary supporters.  More importantly, Jared is on a crusade to keep Christie and his supporters out of the administration because Christie put Jared’s father in jail after he pled guilty to numerous fraud allegations and tax evasion allegations.

Next, Ivanka and Jared are trying to keep us in the ridiculous Paris Climate Agreement nonsense since it corresponds to their leftist beliefs.  Trump campaigned on trashing that agreement and it helped him get elected.  Even wishy washy Pruitt now wants Trump out, and he needs to remember what got him elected.  Trump needs to follow through on his campaign promise and dump this nonsense which hurts us and gives China and India carte    blanche.

Furthermore,  Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama have coddled North Korea for decades.  Bill, suck on my cigar, Clinton gave him billions which allowed him to procure his nuclear and nonnuclear arsenal. And his successors kept up the nonsense.  Now, they have successfully put Trump in a no win position.  He can’t attack without North Korea destroying significant parts of South Korea and Japan.  Unless, of course, he nukes them which would result in international, feigned outrage, and Maxine, aka James Brown, Waters to call for his impeachment, again.

Lastly, I want to comment on the nonsense by the Dems and some Repubs that we need to have a debate and law on when and where Trump can use force.  People one of the things I like about Trump is that he doesn’t telegraph what he’s going to do or when he’s going to attack, unlike his incompetent predecessor.  If they want to have a debate and legislation,  I would wholeheartedly support a law which gave the president power to launch offensives against anyone who he determines is our enemy for 90 days without further Congressional approval.  You can’t spend months debating whether or not to attack a country while they get ready or attack first.


First, let me be clear, I love Tucker Carlson Tonight.  However, I was just watching one of his shows from earlier this week and he was grilling some goofy faced Democratic Congressman from California who was defending his position that Trump is a Russian puppet.  He said that Trumo’s bombing in Syria doesn’t prove anything since any president would act in response to the use of chemical weapons by Assad.  Tucker should have said if that’s so why didn’t Obama bomb after his redline was crossed?


Ok, let’s add Senator Graham to the waiting list for the John McCain home for the senile.  Just watched him on Tucker Carlson and thank goodness he didn’t become president.  He’s total looney tunes.  He wants to get us involved in another never ending regime war in Syria.  He’s a war hawk who wants to spend untold blood and treasure.  He’s a one trick pony.  South Carolinians, wake up and replace him with someone still in charge of his faculties!


It is being reported that we have launched Tomahawk missles at Syrian air bases in response to the gassing of Syrian citizens.  While this may or may not be wise, at least Trump has the  balls to back up his words as opposed to his wussy predecessor.

I for one am glad that we have a President who not only carries a big stick but let’s our enemies know he will in fact use it, as opposed to his feckless predecessor!