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Trump did a good thing by rolling back much of the harm Obama did with his Executive Order, but failed to go far enough.  He did not withdraw from the Paris Climate deal, and he did not require that the EPA’s disastrous “endangerment finding ” be reconsidered.

First, Obama knew he could never get his bullshit Paris climate change agreement through the Senate and therefore signed it on his own.  Thus it is not a treaty, just Obama’s unenforceable folly.  Trump can cancel it on his own and should.  All it does is make this country hurt our economy without any effect on global warming, even if it was real.  China doesn’t have to start cutting back until some where around 2035, and in the meantime would put way more CO2 into the atmosphere than we would keep out.  Thus we would be disadvantaged with no net improvement in atmospheric CO2, even if that none issue was a real problem.

More importantly, the “endangerment finding ” is a real obstacle to finally putting a stake in the heart of the socialist charade of global warming.  What is the “endangerment finding ” you ask?  It was the EPA’s determination that increases in CO2 endangered our health, and thus allowed them to declare it a pollutant subject to their regulation.  This finding was based on no scientific basis, just climate zealot computer models — none of which have come anywhere near to being accurate.  They all are spectacularly wrong and way over predict warming.

First, let’s review reality. CO2, as frequently set forth here, is necessary for life, not a pollutant!  Plants take in CO2 and sunlight and turn it into food by which they grow.  They release oxygen which we combine with hydrocarbons and we grow.  The result is that when we feed we release CO2 and water.  Every time you exhale, you put CO2 back into the atmosphere.  Thus we are all polluters!  Watch out for the EPA showing up at your door and seeking to fine you for breathing.

Now let’s deal with what’s going on here.  Trump has a real big problem.  Among his closest advisers are Ivanka and Jarred who are East Coast elitists, and who have drunk the kool aide.  They believe the global warming religion, and it is a religion.  Their is no science supporting it, and all you need to know to prove that is when they say the science is settled.  Science is never settled!  When I was in school, it was said that the atom composed of protons, neutrons and electrons were the smallest particles period. And that absent a nuclear reaction, Einstein’s E=MC2, could never be changed.  Now we know about neutrinos and quarks etc., unknown in my day.  Science is never settled, until actually proven like Eistein’s theory or F= ma one of Newton’s laws, or other other established and proven scientific laws.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PROVEN SCIENTIFIC LAW SAYING INCREASES IN CO2 RESULT IN INCREASES IN TEMPERATURE!

The other problem is that Scott Pruitt, who I admit I thought would be great, turns out to be more interested in becoming either a senator from or governor of Oklahoma.  He doesn’t want to take any position that might be considered highly controversial and so doesn’t really want to drain the swamp at EPA.  Trump needs to replace him since he is much more concerned with his agenda than Trumo’s.



I say this because we don’t have a two party system.  Bernie Sanders was an independent socialist who ran as a Democratic because we think that we only have two parties.  This is totally false.  The Democratic Party is presently composed of far left socialist/communist folks like Sanders and Warren as well as middle of the road folks like Hillary as well as open border, Soros extremists, like all the Muslim loving anti-American folks in their party.

The Republican Party has mainstream middle of the road, could just as easily be mainstream Democratics like McCain and Graham, Libertarians like Paul, far right ideologues of the alt-right, and serious conservatives like the Freedom Caucus.

We need to abandon the fiction that we have only two parties, and I don’t mean because of the Green Party or the Libertarian Party.  Face facts, Trump is not a traditional Republican.  He’s a populist interested in representing middle and lower income America.

The reason I believe this is important is that if we had a multi-part system like Britain then we wouldn’t have false expectations that given power one party would be able to accomplish our expectations.  We would be much better off if we recognized that a coalition was needed to pass anything.  And again, we need to abolish the 60 vote rule in the Senate so that voters decisions can be effected.

This is not just a jab at the supposed Republican control at present.  Remember when Obama was elected they had 60 votes in the Senate as well as control of the House and couldn’t get Obamacare through without buying off various Senators, and then due to the timely death of Ted Kennedy, they had to game the system using reconciliation to pass that abomination.

As voters we need to know exactly what candidates will stand for and not be deceived by artificial party labels.  And this is more of a problem on the right than the left because, say what you will, Dems stick together more than Republicans because no matter where they stand, their desire is to undermine the sovereignty of this country.



Much as I would like to rant about all the info on whether or not the Obama administration was surveilling Trump, I will wait a few more days to gloat.  But now we need to get serious about repealing Obamacare.  I am so sick and tired of hearing about the House trying to tippy toe around what’s within reconciliation in the Senate.  First let me remind you that Obamacare in its entirety was passed as a reconciliation matter by Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate because they lost the ability to pass it normally because Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat thus making it impossible for Dems to pass it under normal Senate rules since they no longer had 60 votes.

So either pass the whole thing as reconciliation, including competition across state lines, even if that requires Pence to overrule the parliamentarian, or go nuclear and change Senate rules so that, as it should be, majority rules.  The people in this country voted to accomplish certain things including repealing Obamacare.  Senate rules letting the minority party block legislation are stupid.  Abolish the stupid rules and give us democracy.

P.S.  I personally prefer that the Presidency and the Congress, or at least one house of Congress,  are different parties so that they cancel each other out and keep them from further denigrating our rights.  However, this is a special time where we need united Republican Party to overturn the disaster of not only the Obama years, but also the past several decades of  the ruling political elite on both sides of the aisle.  So go nuclear and let’s get this done.


I meant to rant about this last week because it was in the local news.  It was reported that reducing school class size from 27 to 17 was shown by studies to benefit students.  However, I believe that reducing class size to one would also result in better student results.  This is just another ploy by teacher unions to benefit them and scam taxpayers.

I went to Catholic school from the first through eighth grade in Tampa and we had 65 to 70 students per classroom and got a great education.  Education is about good teachers teaching what students need to know without regard to ethnicity or gender or sexual identity.  Schools need to be able to discipline disruptive students, without regard to their ethnicity as opposed to the position pushed  by the Obama administration using nonsensical disparate impact analysis, and parents need to be involved in assuring that kids do the work required to master the material.  Also we shouldn’t be teaching to the lowest common denominator.  Learn what you need to know or go to a class for the less mentally gifted.

When we moved from Tampa to Anchorage for my ninth grade year (the Anchorage school district was considered the number two school district in the country) I was put in the sweat hogs algebra class because it was assumed coming from the South I must be stupid.  (As an aside, it was also assumed that I was female because when I went to my first PE class it was all girls which could have been real interesting in the shower.  Unfortunately they quickly corrected that error, although today I could have identified as female and enjoyed the show.)  At any rate, the idiot class started out doing algebra, including word problems, and in fact I frequently had to explain word problems to the class as our teacher was a first year teacher.  At any rate, it quickly became apparent I was in the wrong class and was given the text for the advanced class to work on during class to catch up with the advanced algebra class where I was transferred for the second semester.  This was the age of the new math, nonsense that came from the over abundance of people with advanced education degrees, and actually made it much easier for sweat hogs like myself.  On my first day in the bright class, they were just starting on real algebra, having spent all their time on set theory and distributive and commutative principles and other unproductive nonsense, and the teacher asked how would you represent two times an unknown.  I raised my hand and he called on me smiling like I must be an idiot to try to get involved in such advanced material.  When I said 2x, he asked how I would know that and I said because the supposedly stupid class had been doing this kind of stuff since day one.  He was totally perplexed.

The purpose of this is not to brag about my intelligence but to highlight the nonsense that is contemporary education in this country.  Focus on the basics and forget about all the nonsense put out by the teacher’s unions and their liberal sycophants trying to dumb down all of us.

Just as one further example of the dumbing down of education in this country, and I hope she doesn’t read this, but my sister was not very good at proper grammatical sentence structure.  When she was a sophomore and I was in graduate school, she had a fraternity brother of mine as her instructor in an English class.  She wrote a paper that was grammatically a disaster and he gave her an A or B.  I asked him how the hell he could do that and his answer says all you need to know about where education was headed.  He said it doesn’t matter if her paper was basically, grammatically incompetent, just that he could understand what she was trying to say.  That people is where we were many years ago, and its only gone downhill since.


Bullshit!  As revealed in the hearings on Gorsuch today, not only are there 5000 plus federal criminal statutes, not to mention myriad more state criminal statutes, but also over 300,000 federal criminal regulations!  In fact, the enabling legislation for the agency I worked for not only had many criminal provisions but made it a felony to violate ANY regulation issued by that agency.  NO ATTORNEY, JUDGE OR LEGISLATOR has a clue about the vast majority of the criminal laws or regulations that average citizens are presumed to know.  This is utter and complete nonsense and should do away with this ridiculous presumption.

Moreover, the hearings demonstrate that Dems have no legitimate objection to Gorsuch.  They didn’t lay a glove on him.  I could go into a screed about various legal precedents they raised, but the Chevron case is my favorite.  That decision basically said federal agencies are do deference when they put out regulations under their enabling statutes.  This has resulted in the regulatory state usurping the legislative and judicial powers granted to the Congress and the Judiciary under the Constitution and needs to be overturned!


Alright, first let’s agree Trump wasn’t literally talking about wiretapping but rather surveillance.  The left and Comey are treating his tweet literally and giving answers narrowly parsing his language to say he was wrong.

Next, the Drudge Report today revealed that from at least 2005 to 2010 all of Trumps hotels and golf courses and Trump Tower were in fact being surveilled by the NSA or CIA.

Lastly, let me see a show of hands for all who believe that Trump like all of us wasn’t being surveilled during the campaign and that information wasn’t provided to the Obama administration.  Didn’t think so.


Diane Feinstein made remarks today during confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch which clearly made the case for him and against her and her liberal colleges.  She said Gorsuch was a real danger because he believes that the Constitution should be interpreted by the meaning of the founders, rather than believing that it’s a living document that means whatever liberals want it to mean today.  Again that’s why it was so important to beat Hillary!  Listen folks, you can amend the Constitution if you deem some part to be no longer appropriate today.  Until you do so, the Constitution means what it says as set forth by the Founding Fathers.  Anything else makes us just another banana republic subject to the whims of the ruling class.


If there is anything that was true about the election it was, as I said repeatedly, the future of our constitutional system was at stake.  If Hillary had won, she would have appointed  to the Supreme Court an leftist ideologue like the idiot in Hawaii.  An Obama appointment by the way.  His opinion has been routinely criticized by legal experts on both sides of the aisle as completely at odds with all established Supreme Court precedent, as well as being totally at odds with the facts before him.  And now it’s come out that not only did he have the balls to decide the law for the entire nation, he is also considering ordering the Trump administration to bring in 50,000 refugees from Syria and other unstable places.

I would love for DOJ to ask one of the district courts that have upheld the E.O. to issue a nationwide injunction stopping anyone interfering with enforcement of the order.  Then let’s see who carries the day in the duel of the opposing injunctions.

In addition, I saw a great idea today, I think in Townhall, which I wholeheartedly support.  If the judge in Hawaii orders the admission of 50,000 more unvetted refugees, Trump ought to do what Obama did regularly and override any local objections and place them all in Honolulu, preferably close to where the judge and Barry O live.

Let’s see how they feel when their leftist pronouncements results in actual consequences to them!

One of these days I’m going to write a rather longish piece on the Curmudgeon’s view of the history of the US, particularly as it applies to melting pot versus multiculturalism.


I am not referring to Trump’s tax returns, which showed he not only paid significant taxes but also made serious money, rather I’m referring to the MSM’s reporting of the CBO’s reporting of the number of people who would be affected by Ryancare.  They have portrayed the CBO scoring as saying that the plan would take health insurance away from 24 million people.  Not true!  What they say is that next year 14 million people forced by Obamacare’s mandate to purchase insurance because of the mandate would choose to withdraw from the insurance market.  This is not pulling coverage.  It is people exercising their right to opt out.

The rest of the people who are portrayed as being cut off of insurance are people who won’t get free insurance in the future from expanding Medicaid.  This is pure sophistry!

Now don’t take this as an endorsement of Ryancare, it’s not.  I think the Republicans should either let Obamacare implod or put up a complete repeal and replace law, including competition across state lines, and either use the nuclear option or let Pence rule that it’s reconciliation and only takes 51 votes.  Lest you forget, the entire Obamacare nonsense was passed as a reconciliation matter after Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat making it impossible  for Dems to pass it under normal procedures, since they didn’t have the 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster.

BTW, why is the Federal Government involved in your health care decisions in the first place.  That’s communism or socialism