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Theoretically there is a difference according to poly-sci professors who get a boner discussing such.  In reality they are the same thing.  Theoretically, under communism everybody owns everything.  This bullshit has never existed anywhere in reality.  Theoretically under socialism, the government controls the means of production, namely the government owns everything.  Theoretically under facism, you have private ownership of the means of production but an absolute dictator who reigns supreme over everything.

Now let’s talk about reality.  What the hell is the difference between Russia under Stalin and Getmany under Hitler?  Nothing!!  Cuba under the Castros is clearly a dictatorship, who by the way kills all dissenters, just as Stalins killed millions.

I find it incredible that the MSM and the DNC call Trump a fascist when they praised Obama who was much closer to a fascist.  Obama ruled with a pen and a phone, to hell with Congress.  Screw the constitutionally elected branch of the government responsible for enacting governing legislation.

Trump isn’t a fascist, he’s a populist.  He is trying to implement an agenda that the vast majority of Americans want.  He’s not a dictator, nor could he be under our system!  Obama wanted to be king.  Trump wants to put the people back in charge.  Obama and his sycophants believed they were smarter than us peons and so were entitled to force their superior intellect on us special needs idiots.  Trump thinks we’re bright enough to know what’s good for us.  BTW, socialism has failed completely everywhere its ever been tried.  Check out Cuba, Venezuela etc.,  Socialism, which is where the Dems want to go, is contrary to human nature and always doomed to failure.  You can never make a country prosperous by taxing the rich to give everything to those who choose not to work.  Income inequality is a good thing!  It’s the incentive that propels economic growth.

Nuff said.


I am sick and tired as I have  said previously of the nonsense about transgender bathrooms.  I don’t give a rat’s ass about which bathroom you use.  I can always go into a stall if I feel uncomfortable.  The real issue as I have already said concerns locker rooms and showers.  Quit pretending this is bullshit is about bath rooms.  Obama mandated that people with dicks can go into locker rooms and showers with other people without dicks.  And importantly, this concerns young girls having to shower naked with young naked boys.  This is absurd!


It’s a real shame that McCain road Trump’s coat tails to win a new 6 year term in the Senate because the fine folks in Arizona deserve better than a senile RINO.  McCain is clearly a liberal war hawk who is trying to remain relevant by constantly saying just plain stupid things against the elected leader of the party to which he supposedly belongs. I could rant at great length about his obsession with Russia and trying to get multiple meaningless investigations into the fake news of Russia hacking our election and Gen. Flynn’s contacts with a Russian Ambassador but I’m sure you are already aware of that stuff. (As an aside, if McCain or anyone else wanted an investigation, it should be about what legal bases the FBI had to conduct an interrogation of Flynn — as opposed to Obama’s folks instigating a political interrogation to try to embarrass Trump.  Andrew Mc Carthy has an excellent article in the National Review which points out the misconduct of the FBI.)

The issue which I’m upset about is the continuous nonsense by McCain and others that Trump’s criticism of the phony MSM is somehow Un-American.  It’s not.  It’s called free speech!  The media wants you to believe that freedom of the press means they can’t be questioned.  No it doesn’t, it just means they can say or print what they wish, but then those affected by what they say or print have the free speech right to respond.  Trump has never tried to prevent the press from doing it’s job.  He’s just pointing out the extreme bias of the MSM and at times the totally bogus, fake news they spew.  They are losing their collective minds because in this Internet age Trump has found a way to get his message directly to the people, unfiltered by the media.  McCain has to know this or he’s too damn dumb to be a Senator, but he plays nice with the MSM to try to keep his name in the news and pretend to have an outsized influence in the party.  As I’ve said before, Trump won John, not you or whoever you preferred.  Get over it or get out of the way and retire to some home for senile RINO’s.


Just as a brief follow up from yesterday’s rants,  the book also points out, and I don’t recall if I ranted about this previously although I have seen several studies confirming the following — rising global temperatures would be much more beneficial to mankind than global cooling.  It also points out what I know I have covered before, namely that all real science indicates that we are heading into a potential new Little Ice Age or worse.

Now let’s briefly explore the relative merits of global warming versus global cooling.  If in fact the world warmed appreciably, agricultural output would greatly increase.  Consider the fact that vast stretches of Alaska, Canada, Siberia, Argentina etc., would be agricultural gold mines.  Now consider what would happen if we head into a colder period.  Less productive agricultural acreage, and studies have repeatedly shown more people die from cold than heat.  After all, would you rather be wearing flip flops or be buried under a hundred feet of ice.

Now to the real point of this rant, the opposition of Trump’s nominee for head of EPA, Scott Pruitt, to the global warming nonsense has absolutely nothing to do with carrying out what the EPA is supposed to do, namely assure that we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.  Under Obama they did little to assure either.  (See Flint, Michigan and that wonderful mine catastrophe that turned a river orange due to their incompetent actions and put thousands of people at risk.).

Instead they focused on his anti-capitalist agenda to destroy industry in this country by trying to eliminate the use of fossil fuels –the engine that propelled us out of the dark ages.  Look, I have considered myself an environmentalist from the beginning of the movement, and if you doubt it look up my various law review articles.  I want clean air and clean water and to preserve our wetlands and National Parks and wilderness areas for future generations, but I also want to provide the energy necessary to fuel the continued growth of our society.  As I have said previously, if you really want to help third world countries in Africa and elsewhere, then build them a freaking clean coal fired power plant so they can have electricity and the ability to set up water filtration plants etc.!


Did anyone just see the DNC crack whore on Tucker Carlson claiming, while jumping up and down in his seat, that Trump’s  alleged relationship with Russia was bigger than Watergate!  Really, the left has lost all credibility.  Where was the outrage when Obama and Clinton brazenly lied about Bengazhi?  Where was the outrage when Comrade Obama got caught telling a Russian official on a hot mike to let Vlad  know that he would have more freedom to play nice with Russia after he got re-elected?  Such bullshit!


The most significant fact that I learned from the book is that over the course of the past 300 million years the average CO2 level in the Earth’s atmosphere is 1200ppm, well above the present level of 400 ppm.  Moreover, vegetation has in fact evolved to perform maximally at these levels, which is confirmed by the fact that commercial greenhouses today pump in CO2 to raise the level to that point at which plants perform optimally.

It also confirms what I stated in my second rant that an ice age occurred with CO2 at 4000 ppm, ten times today’s level again proving the bullshit about CO2 is utter and complete nonsense!


Saw today on Tony Heller’s great blog that deals primarily with the global warming scam,, that there is a new book out, “Human Caused Global Warming” by Dr. Tim Ball.  It is an easy read and in clear technical language that anyone can understand.  It clearly exposes the lie of global warming, and reveals it to be a scam set up by Maurice Strong and others to destroy capitalism and bring about a worldwide socialist government.  It’s $6 and available on Amazon.  To be perfectly honest, probably 80% of what’s in the book can be gleaned from my past rants, but it’s all in one place and easy to understand.  Let’s hope Trump puts an end to this disgrace.

BTW, while all the reporting on activity by Obama’s embedded folks at the EPA to sabotage Trump’s attempts to get to the truth are casting it as EPA employees trying to protect the truth, I believe that the reality is that they are trying to cover their collective asses from criminal prosecution once the truth emerges.


I saw an article today from last September by Andrew McCarthy at National Review which stated that emails released by State back then indicated that not only did Obama know about Hillary’s illegal email system but on several instances, he used a non-secure, private, pseudonymous email account to communicate with Hillary’s illegal server.  As you will recall, I said a year ago that because of Obama’s illegal emails, the FBI would never recommend an indictment because they would have to also indict Obummer.  Now that I know that Obama used fake accounts, it is so obvious that the fix was clearly in!


First let me briefly address the nonsense surrounding Kellyanne’s comments on Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.  Remember that on Fox and Friends last week, in commenting on the socialist left’s clothing stores dropping of Ivanka’s line so they can be seen as espousing solidarity with Hollywood imbeciles and the socialist elites in the Democratic Party, she said it was ridiculous to boycott her clothing line becaus her father won and then just off the cuff said you should go out and buy some and she planned to.  It was clearly not intended as an endorsement but rather a political statement about supporting the President.

Conway was counseled to avoid such in the future but now the Office of Government Ethics, invisible during the Obama and Clinton constant violations, wants Trump to discipline her.  What hypocrites!  Every time Michelle or Hillary were reported to be dressed by x-designer, that couldn’t be a more obvious endorsement.  This is just total hypocrisy and Trump should ignore the distraction and get on with the program he was elected to pursue.

Next, the Flynn fake news is despicable.  Trump made the correct decision based on loss of trust in Flynn because he lied to Pence.  But now the Dems and their fluffers in the press are suggesting that Flynn was only carrying out Trump’s orders in having discussions with the Russians about sanctions.  Let’s stop to consider the nonsensical nature of this claim.  First, if Trump did that, then he would have known about it and wouldn’t have let Flynn set up Pence.  Moreover, why would he have lost trust in Flynn for doing his bidding.  It is such an irrational, convoluted bunch of crap that only Dems and their camp followers in the media could put that out with a semi-serious straight face.  For their pipe dreams to be true, Trump would have just had to have given Flynn the ultimate chip.  Flynn would have the ability to bring down the Trump administration any time he wants.  That’s not a real likely scenario!