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I have always enjoyed torture.  It’s so much fun!  Just kidding, but seriously folks, I have no problem with torture or going medieval or Attila the Hun.  (Old joke, Attila why do they call you the Hun? Well sweetie!). Seriously, why I don’t object to torture or pillaging etc is that I am tired of pretending that war is an honorable endeavor and those who engage should be worshipped and idolized.  Listen, from time to time war is necessary and when it is there are no rules.  We kick their ass or they kick ours no matter what it takes, and in my opinion the uglier, more brutal the victory the better.  Stop pretending that it is an noble, honorable endeavor.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe our soldiers should be supported and applauded, but if we’re going to fight medieval assholes, then we don’t need to start with one hand tied behind our backs by some rules that only apply to one side.

Again, let me make clear that I am a supporter of our military men and women.  They perform an important national function — keeping the country safe.  And they are mostly very honorable people.  I just happen to believe that there would be less warring if it was less idolized.  Remember, we won WWII by essentially vaporizing two hundred thousand collateral damage victims.  Brutality wins and quickly!    Now, or at least under Obama, we would rather have our soldiers killed than risk the chance of a single collateral damage casualty.  That’s crazy!  So I say if you’re going to fight, fight to win period, no holds barred, or don’t fight.  Just sayin’.


I will be posting some more significant rants over the next few days, and I apologize to my few faithful readers for not ranting more.  But for the momement just a few observations.  First, Shepard Smith can barely contain his loathing for Trump.  And worse he keeps making equivocal statements saying they are Fox News positions when they are his own period!

Next I don’t understand Chris Wallace continuously referring to President Trump as Mr. Trump.  I don’t believe he referred to Obama as Mr. Obama.

Lastly, I certainly wish President Trump would forget about complaining about voter fraud.    As I have said previously, Trump would have won the popular vote if that was the requirement.  He didn’t waste time campaigning in California because it was a lost cause.  Without California he won the popular vote by more than a million votes and had he campaigned in CA voters who didn’t bother to vote knowing their votes were meaningless would have come out n sufficient numbers to elect him to elect him.

However, I believe that voter fraud happens all too frequently and question why the left always wants to oppose any attempt to make sure that votes are cast by legally eligible voters.  Even minorities support voter ID requirements and only idiots on the left can get away with suggesting that Blacks and Hispanics are incapable of having government ID’s.  You need a driver’s license to cash a check or board an airplane, how is it inappropriate to require the same for exercising your most important function as a citizen.

I have seen articles recently which indicate that Al Franken would have lost the election in Minnesota absent illegal votes and Obama would have lost North Carolina in 2012 but for illegal votes.  So I believe it’s important  to implement voter ID laws and quite frankly to limit early voting to a week!


Under the guise of dismay at the possibility that Trump and Pence were assassinated before being sworn, Wolf Blitzer asked who would become President, and unsurprisingly it was suggested that the Obama administration might stay in office.  Now I don’t believe that would be the case and most likely Paul Ryan would be sworn in, but my point is that CNN is basically begging for someone to do it.  Imagine the outrage if Fox News had posited that question before Obama’s first inauguration.  There would have been calls for criminal charges for threatening a president.  Now silence.

This is truly a sad state of affairs with the left unable to accept reality!


As I posited awhile back, now that Hillary has no access to sell, the Clinton Foundation and it’s flagship scam the Clinton Global Initative are tanking.  Which pretty much proves that the whole sordid mess was just a huge pay to play scam.

The CGI has announced that it is closing its office in NYC and laying off its 22 employees.  Australia has cut off any further funding and they had donated $88 million over the past ten years.  And other countries have done likewise.  Let’s see how much money, if any, Chelsea can garner for speeches now that she has nothing to sell.

It’s time for DOJ to investigate this scam and finally publicly expose the Clintons for the criminals they are.  I know Sessions has said he’d recuse himself from any actions dealing with Hillary, but that doesn’t mean that the DOJ official that heads up the division that deals in  charity fraud or maybe pay to play crimes by public officials couldn’t ask the FBI to start such an investigation or finish one they most likely already have started.


Will one of Trump’s nominees please stand up when they’re questioned about racism and a return to Jim Crow laws and point out that the South was controlled by Dems when those laws were passed?  Please!  I’m tired of Dems getting a pass for their racist history and trying to pretend it was Republicans.  Lincoln was a Republican!!


Just one more misuse of disparate impact to enforce Obama’s anti-police agenda.  Crime and murder  (black on black) at record levels in Chicago but it’s the police who are the problem?  Reality is that DOJ wants another consent decree feather in it’s cap.  Fortunately, the agreement to agree on a consent degree won’t result in an actual decree until Sessions is in office and he can change this crap.


Thank goodness Trump kicked Little Marco to the curb during the primaries.  He and his fellow travelers need to get over it and start acting like competent, semi-intelligent Senators.  Rubio tried to get Tillerson — Trump’s nominee for State — to say that Putin is a war criminal and that Putin has his enemies murdered.  Now let’s examine the stupidity of Rubio’s attack.  Do we really want the next SOS to enter office after having declared Putin a war criminal and murderer?  Seriously, how could this possibly benefit this country in future relations with Russia?  Why not just ask if he’s ready to declare war on Russia?  Little stupid, self serving Marco!!