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Just an interesting tidbit, but I read this morning that during Obama’s reign the number of people murdered in Chicago is almost equal to the number of US soldiers killed in either Afganistan or Iraq.  (I could look it up but I’m too lazy.  It was one of those two.). In any event it’s like 4100 soldiers versus 3950 Chicagoans.  But we never hear about that from this administration!


It has become painfully clear that the next Congress needs to enact legislation that would prevent government agencies from issuing any new regulations without Congressional approval in the last six months of a lame duck administration.  The Obama narcissistic administration is busy issuing many bogus regulations that they know will be challenged by the Trump administration.  While Trumps troops will no doubt abolish them, it is time consuming to undo regulations under the Administrative Procedures Act.  It’s akin to issuing new regulations.  Presidential Executive Orders can be cancelled by a new EO issued by the incoming President.

It would also be wise to pass a law that prevents political appointees, and there are I’m guessing 7000 to 8000 of them at any given time — a number that most people don’t realize — from taking a non-political civil service position — referred to as burrowing —  thereby trying to undermine the new administration.  I personally would like to see a law which says any political appointee may not hold a non-political civil service position for 5 years following the end of their political position.  A good way to help drain the swamp.

BTW I will be ranting in the near future on the massive over regulation of this country.  This will probably not make one of my faithful readers happy.


I have posed this question many times previously, but can someone tell me why Jews overwhelming vote Democrat.  Obama and Clinton have undermined Israel at every opportunity and now B Hussein O has orchestrated a UN Security Council resolution to declare all Israeli settlements in occupied territory illegal and on Palestinian land, thereby undermining all future negotiations.   All Israel has to bargain with in negotiations, i.e., their only real bargaining chip is to return some or all of the occupied territory they won back in the war in the 60’s I believe.  As I’ve said before, if Obama isn’t a Muslim he sure as hell acts like one.

So please tell me why Jews support him and the Dems whose policies are clearly to protect Islam.  He’s a coward who stabs our true allies in the back on his way out the door.  I hope the door in fact hits him in the ass on the way out.  Hurry up 1/20/17!

BTW it’s a good thing that the UN wasn’t around back in the day or we would have to give the entire country back to the Indians.


Once again I think Tucker blew it.  I love his show but he just blew it again.  He had Mike Farrell of MASH fame on who was part of the Hollywood cabal who put out the video to try to convince electors to disregard their pledged duty to vote for the person that the voters in their state selected in favor of Hillary.  Farrell said Trump is unqualified because he never held a position as an elected executive or anything else.  Tucker did okay, and I understand his reluctance to ask the obvious, but I would have loved for him to ask please explain what qualifications a community organizer who was a first term Senator with no foreign experience had to be president.  Everyone gives the monumentally unqualified Obama a pass because of his race.  Trump may not have ever been elected to public office but neither was Washington or Eisenhower or Grant or Jackson.  Trump is the head of an international corporation who has had dealings with countries all over the world.  Obama had nothing!  I am sick and tired of this double standard!!


Just in case you didn’t know, Ted (I left my girlfriend to drown and I forgot to wear my pants when meeting my nephews girlfriend) Kennedy asked Russia to intervene in a presidential election to undermine Reagan.

Read the article and then you will see the total hypocrisy of the Dems present concerns.


Now as I’ve previously indicated, I’m a yuge fan of Tucker but he just blew a couple of interviews.  First he just had a black female professor on who cut her hair off after the election in protest.  Fine and she said that she did it because she was tired of having to project herself as someone other than she really is.  Okay and I realize that Tucker is not a litigator, at least I don’t think so and he’s never mentioned it, however he passed on the obvious question!  Why didn’t you as a black woman feel free to cut your hair under 8 years of a black president!  But now under Trump you feel okay about doing it.

The other problem I have is with his interview with the idiot who wants California to secede from the US.  (I have a part of me that chuckles at this because without CA Trump would have won the popular vote by a couple of million votes even with NY.) While Tucker danced around with questions about did he want CA to be a nuclear power and other trivia, he should have asked the idiot:  “If your efforts are successful, and the United States government withdrew all military personnel and equipment and weapons as well as all federal agencies and personnel and research facilities and funds, just how long do you actually think CA would survive?  Hell Russia or China could just invade or maybe Mexican drug cartels and they would be defenseless.  It would not be like Brexit where a sovereign nation with its own borders and military withdraws from a multinational socialist organization, it’s entirely different when a subordinate state with no real defense –a state militia in a state that doesn’t believe in such –decides to go it alone in a sea of sharks.  How long do really think the tech industry would stay in Silicon Valley?  Or anyone else with real assets would stay?

What would they do if Trump refused trade agreements with them or refused to allow unfettered travel between CA and the other 49 stars.  An evil part of me would like to see that happen and then wait to see how long it would take for them to beg to get back in.  Maybe we could do like the North and refuse to allow anyone involved in the nonsense from holding office.  But I can only dream!!  Tucker should have totally embarrassed the idiot.


I just couldn’t pass this up.  Remember I ranted about how last year Forbes downgraded Obama to the third most influential world leader or maybe it’s the third most powerful and it was the first time a US president had ever been rated below number two.  Guess where Barry O came out this year?  48th!!  Wow that’s embarrassing.  The supreme leader of North Korea is I think rated five places higher than our community organizer.  Now that’s a legacy to be proud of.


An article in the Washington Post today indicates that the climate scammers in the Obama administration are busy trying to download all their sensitive temperature to private servers to keep Trump’s folks from destroying this valuable data.  When you stop laughing, remember that if you’ve followed my ranting that the EPA and NASA have been busy for years erasing the actual raw temperature data and replacing it with their new and improved bogusly adjusted data.  You can bet your last dollar that they are busy destroying real data and info showing their scam, not protecting the planet.

I sincerely hope that the Trump administration will look into destruction of federal records by these faux scientists.  Just always remember that whenever the left claims to be doing one thing, they are most likely doing the opposite.  Like Stein and now the Russia interference drivel claims of trying to protect our voting rights.  No they’re trying to overturn a valid election because they don’t like the outcome, or calling murdering fetuses “reproductive rights”.  Keep your eye on the ball everyone.


The faux outrage on the left is mind boggling.  Lest we forget Obama did everything he could to influence or undermine the Israeli election to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected so he could keep his pro-Islam agenda going.  And remember Obama’s losing attempt to change the Brexit vote.  Even saying that if Britons voted against the socialist EU then Britain would go to the back of the queue on trade.

Now all of the sudden they’re outraged that Russia may have attempted to interfere in our election.   By the way there is no proof of that just like the climate modelers made up conclusions.  But ask yourself why would Russia want Trump instead of Hillary?   The Russians had their way with Obama and Clinton, including taking their lunch in Crimea, Syria and the “ridiculous” reset.  Why would they want a loose canon instead of a reliable stooge like Hillary whose emails they undoubtedly have to blackmail her with?  And again and contrary to the bs being put out by the sore losers, Trump never called on Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, just to release them since they already had them.  Moreover Trump’s desire to make America the world’s largest energy producer is hardly consistent with Russia’s interests since they are basically a second tier nation with only sales of natural resources to sustain Putin’s reign.

Get real people.  This is just one more last ditch effort by the sore losers to undermine the legitimacy of Trump.  Give it up Dems.  You put up a lousy candidate with no purpose other than lack of a penis in a year when the people wanted change from the feckless and incompetent Obama years.


The left’s new found angst over “fake news” is extremely interesting because a post on some blog said Hillary was part of some pedofile ring operating out of a pizza parlor in DC and some nut went there with a gun.  Where was this angst when Harry, the asshole, Reed claimed falsely that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for ten years.  Remember that when he was questioned about it later, he said he didn’t win did he and never apologized for it.  What makes that even worse is that in a recent interview he stated that he tried to get others in the Obama election team to put that crap out and when they wouldn’t he tried to get other Senators to do it and nobody would so he had to do it himself.

And by the way, in the same interview he refused to say that his decision to invoke the nuclear option for all presidential appointments below Supreme Court was a mistake.  Keeping with his total obliviousness to anything but his views, he said it was the right thing to do and that he believes the nuclear option should be extended to everything in the Senate.  In his view the idea that a minority should be able to block the will of the majority is wrong.  Unfortunately, I agree with the reed on this.  I would love to see the present Republican Senate invoke the nuclear option and do away with the automatic filibuster by a minority.  As Obummer said elections have consequences!  When the voters give the Executive and Legislative branches to one party, there shouldn’t be artificial rules to give the losers power that the voters didn’t!